Thursday, May 7, 2009

messed up morning plans

I have found that with our particular children, one should always be open to last minute things coming up. For instance, our trip to the hospital this morning!

I got the boys up and dressed, and Oren ended up being very late since his brothers were dragging their feet today. Ran him to school and then headed to town for Nathan's therapy. When we got there I went to hand Nathan a tissue to blow his nose, he's been stuffy/runny nose for a week or so now with what I think is allergies. What is that on your face? Oh great.

Lots of tiny, pimply looking bumps. The same ones he had last time he had a stuffy nose from allergies. The same ones that signaled the arrival of impetigo, a nicely contagious infection usually found in the nose/mouth area. So we turned around and went back to base, the therapist laughing at us good naturedly, because I was cracking up myself. They weren't there when he woke up! And they were worse by the time we got home.

I dropped William off with Mark and ran over to the Urgent Care Clinic, because pediatrics was completely out of same-day appointments. All these poor people there with aches and pains, dizzy, hurting.... and here was Nathan bouncing off the chairs and climbing all over everything. As they were getting us triaged/ checked in, the lady at the desk ran in and told me peds just called and they had a cancelation for 20 minutes from then. I grabbed that up! May as well leave the beds for people who really need them, you know?

We saw the doctor whose children I teach piano to, and he agreed with me that it was the start of an impetigo infection. I love being right. He also prescribed some zirtec for Nathan and William to maybe help with their allergies. We'll see. So after at least an hour in the pharmacy we left with an antibiotic ointment he'll use until it clears up, and some allergy meds. It shouldn't take long to clear, we caught it at the very beginning. Last time, I didn't know what it was and let it go until it was crusting and oozing, all gross..... Oops!

All in all, it was a long morning in the hospital, but at least we caught it literally right at the beginning. I love how they just all of a sudden appeared! And although it means I probably won't make it to the grocery store, it's important to be flexible in our house for sure!


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

I miss the days of being prescribed medicine that you could get from any ol' pharmacy. I miss getting tylenol and zyrtec for free! Gotta love the military!

Rachel H. said...

Leave it to the kids to make a crazy morning out of things! :) jk

Glad you got it all figured out before it was too bad though!

And yes, we would LOVE to see you guys when we are in Boise!

Stephanie said...

Wow, it's good you knew what it was this time. I would have ignored it and let it get terrible, because I never think to get things like that checked on. Yay for being observant and flexible!