Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Big One!

I got a wonderfully exciting call from Fetal Medicine, the ultrasound clinic today. I had called my doctor about some scheduling issues withe ultrasound versus my regular OB checkup, and he sent in a new referral. They can now get me in at 18 weeks, instead of waiting until I'm 20! Hurray! So our big ultrasound is scheduled for next Friday morning, the 22nd. Here's hoping this one's not camera shy....

I told Oren at bedtime today. We are not having him go to school that day, he would be very sad to miss seeing the baby. And Mark will be going to the office is fine with it. I even pointed it out on the calendar. What does he do? Starts bawling like crazy that he has to wait all the way unti then, and couldn't we do it sooner, and he doesn't want to wait that long.... Meds were very worn off, and it had been a long and tiring afternoon. Too funny though. I shut the door and didn't hear another peep!

I am exhausted so I am glad I snuck a nap. Picked up Nathan from the bus at 2:30. Ran over to the school to pick up Oren and Amanda's daughter, who I watch after school until her daddy gets off work. We ran over to the park and played there until 4, when we had to go to piano lessons. The kids played while I taught until about 6. Enrichment was tonight at 6, which meant Burger King macaroni and cheese with apples and milk for dinner, and a lovely grilled chicken salad for me. They ate that during our first class and headed to the nursery. Boy, was I glad I had gone for the healthy options, because they had a doctor doing a class on women's health issues, and what was he talking about when I got there? Eating well and nutrition, and diabetes. Hee hee!

Then there was a class on depression that turned into idea sharing on how to get your kids to stay in their room at night and various other topics. Somebody's bright refreshment idea was cookies and brownies, so after a quick sugar check I indulged in a very small pumpkin spice with mini chocolate chips thing, which tasted really good. Everybody was loading their plates and were so impressed by my self control. It's amazing what the thought of a 10 lb baby will do for you.... :-) We didn't leave until after 9, since my kids disappeared and I had to walk the church tracking them down. That was a bit scary- for once they were playing quietly in a room with the door shut instead of making a racket so I could hear them. That church never seemed so big!

And now, because it's nearly 11, I will go take my meds like a good girl, eat a cheesestick so I don't go unconcious during the night, and get myself to bed!

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Stephanie said...

Isn't it funny when you actually find them playing quietly? I was on the computer yesterday and realized that there were no sounds coming from the kids' room - which usually means that the kids have discovered the boxes under Zaylee's bed and are flinging their contents all over the room. I ran to check on them, and Zaylee was quietly looking at a book (and sitting on top of a huge pile of books...) while Thomas calmly tried to fit a golf ball into a plastic egg. I was pleasantly surprised.

I'm so excited about your ultrasound, make sure to post pictures, okay?!!!