Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another tooth gone!

Oren has been messing around with a loose tooth for a long time now, and it finally came out today!

The 1st graders had their musical program today and we went to the afternoon one so that Mark could see it before work. The whole time he was sitting there playing with his loose tooth. There was an evening performance and I wanted that tooth out so he wouldn't stand there with his hand in his mouth the whole time. It was time for it to come out anyway.....

We had to go to the BX to get him a new pair of black jeans because the pair he had managed to get humongous holes in them today, and while we were there a nice old gentleman noticed him playing with his tooth. By this point it was just barely hanging on, but he was scared to pull it and my stomach was rather sensitive to the idea. This very nice man procured a tissue from the checkout clerk and did it for me! Oren didn't even feel it! And now there is a tooth, wrapped in tissue, sitting in my purse. Of course, the thought of that had me gagging all the way through the food court to the bathroom, getting me very odd looks. Joy. (Just to wash my hands, not to get sick.... I managed to breath through it.)

Funny thing is, he still was playing with the new hole in his mouth throughout the performance! I took pictures, but don't have the energy to download them right now. I have to put new batteries in the camera too, but that involves work too. They all did very well, and it was a fun performance! Very loud and enthusiastic if nothing else.... but seriously cute!

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