Monday, April 20, 2009

Just checking in.

We've just been chillin' here at Mom Willford's house. The boys keep disapearing down to the basement to play video games so it's been rather quiet.

Mark's sister got married on Saturday, and it was so neat to get to go see her and her new hubby get sealed in the temple. I haven't seen one since Mark and I, so it was nice to be there. We actually ended up in the room Mark and I were sealed in, which was pretty cool. He couldn't believe I remembered which room it was. It was the day I got married, how would I forget? :-)

We went for a great lunch at a pizza buffet thing, where I got yelled at for eating the pizza. Too many carbs..... but oh! It tasted good! Then there was his cousin's reception that night, so we were in Sunday clothes all day long. Ugh.

Sunday was pretty easy going. We enjoy going to his folk's ward, because that's where we went when we were married, so I know lots of the people there. They like seeing how many boys we have now and how big they are, because I had Oren while we were in this ward.

Mark went down to Utah with his sister Mindy today, who was taking her boyfriend to the airport. He's returning to Missouri to turn in his mission papers, and we didn't want her to drive back home alone late in the evening. They left early today and won't be back until about midnight, and I have missed him all day! It's one thing when I'm in Boise or something, but he's been in a whole 'nother state all day! His brother texted me that they decided to stay there in Provo with him and his wife, on Mindy's phone so it would seem like Mark and Mindy sent it. Being pregnant and very officially hormonal, I totally flipped out! I made him call me and chewed him out until he told me Kevin wrote it as a joke. Then I chewed him out for allowing that sort of joke in the first place! Poor guy felt so bad for upsetting me and apologized for the joke and assured me that they were on the way home. Apparently I start flipping out all hormonally about the second trimester, which is officially where I'm at right now. Oops... He reminded me I've done this every time, and I reminded him that every time I haven't appreciated practical jokes of any kind during this time period! Poor guy.

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Melinda said...

So, ummm...what's a quiet life with three kids like?

Aren't sealings wonderful? Aaron and I have been to a couple of his cousins', as well as a sealing session for some of his ancestors. Really neat.