Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby and tree both a'growin!

Mark got the tree planted today! And I ventured out with my gloves and hard pruned the rose bush. It was getting very overgrown and far too big, so now it's half it's size. Poor thing.... It'll look gorgeous this summer though! The tree is bigger than I thought, very tall, but that's fine. Mark did a great job prepping the ground, and now we just have to replace the weed barrier and bark, and keep it watered.

I had an appointment first thing this morning, a different doctor than the last 2 times. She tried to catch the heartbeat with the doppler. Kind of funny..... I had to hold my skin back, since it's rather loose from having 3 babies and being overweight. She had to push kind of hard and basically ended up chasing the baby all over the place. It would kick at the doppler and move away! In the end we got an echo of the heartbeat off the placenta, but by then it had moved around so much that we knew baby was doing just fine.

And although it's early, I did get to feel the baby move! She was pushing down really hard at one point and I felt the kick as I heard it on the doppler. It kept sounding like someone tapping a microphone, too funny. It'll be a bit longer before I can really start to feel it move around normally, but it was funny to feel that one little kick. Like I said, she was pushing hard enough that it hurt! But the doctor just had triplets at 27 weeks, so I'll excuse the pain. Her babies are still in the NICU.....

So this baby is definitely related to my other, also non-doppler-cooperative children. They liked to hide their heartbeats until they were simply too big to. At least our little one will fit it! :-) This is my last appointment here, I go see the other OB on the 28th and so the base clinic won't have any info on me. If anything happens I have to go to Boise, because they won't even have my file!

We'll be in Rigby all next week, we leave Friday afternoon. Mark's sister is getting married, so he's taking some leave and we'll go hang out there for a while. They haven't seen the kids since Thanksgiving, and can't wait to hear how well Nathan sounds now. We are so excited, all the siblings will be there except one, and all the grandkids except one. That's a lot of family crowded in together, it'll be soooo much fun!

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