Friday, March 13, 2009


This little bean is wreaking all sorts of havoc! For instance..... I had 3 naps today, one of which was nearly 2 hours long. William fell asleep on the way home from the store this afternoon, I was tired, and Nathan had some tylenol with codeine. We all slept a while, and Nathan is still asleep! Good thing Mark grabbed a pizza at Walmart that I baked for dinner. And I stocked up on disposable dishes today, which has handy this evening.

3 naps. It's insane! Mark is an absolute sweetheart though, and tries to keep the kids fairly quiet for me. "Mommy and the baby are sleepy. Let's be quiet and let her rest." How sweet is that? I wasn't this tired with William, or Nathan. So it's been fun. What's also fun is when I spend the day making chili, and then can't eat it hardly by dinner time. I know it tasted good, I snuck tastes while adjusting the seasonings. But by evening it didn't want to go down. Drat! But I have a wonderful family who has been very understanding, especially Oren when I am late picking him up- like today- because I was quite queasy this afternoon.

We are going over to Mom's tomorrow to make grape juice. Remember those 15 gallon bags I got from my friend's vine last fall? And all those jams and jellies? I still have 5 full bags that have been in my freezer for a while, and I would like the space for frozen made-ahead meals that I like to stash for needy evenings. So Mom borrowed Grandma Danes' juicer and we are making juice tomorrow! Then we'll spend the day canning it all for later drinking, so I hope it tastes good.... :-) I am very excited! Mom has a very comfortable couch in a quiet living room that works great for naps! Of course, we are telling the younger kids about our little suprise, so that will be fun too.

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Rachel H. said...

3 naps! Oh my! I am amazed you snuck that many in!! But good for you. Sleep while you can, right??

I hate the nauseaous stage...where nothing sounds good to eat...that is the worst!! :)

Hang in there! Can't wait to hear about your canning. Sounds so ambitious!