Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday Fun!

Man, oh man! Did I wish I had a camera yesterday! I made William this adorable T-shirt with iron-on paper I have that you run through the printer. A big star, so the words would show up....

"I may be small, but I'm bigger than our new baby!"

Janelle pointed out the shirt to Rheanna and Samuel, who took a bit to figure it out. They thought we had already had a baby and wanted to know where it was. Oops! But they were excited when we corrected them and I got a big hug from Rheanna!

Marie was at a church thing, so we had to wait until she got home. She gave William a big hug while we were all standing there, and noticed the big star on his shirt. She stared at it a bit, then looked up with this incredulous/confused/big-eyed/open-mouthed look on her face. For about 10 seconds! "You're not pregnant, are you?" We told her yes, we were, and then she got all huge and smiley! But that look, that was totally worth the trip down with wired kids! Love it!

I think we'll have William wear that shirt down to my sister-in-law's wedding and see what they do!

The grape juice ended up not being as much work as I though. We dumped a bunch of grapes in the steamer juicer thing and they cooked down to juice all by themselves. Then, while I was napping, Mom put the juice into the jars and started the next batch. That was easy! We ended up with 4 jars of juice to take home, and the second batch we drank for dinner. It doesn't taste like regular grape juice, and will take some getting used to, but wasn't bad. It would make good grape jelly too, if I feel up to it!

Dad and Mark got some male bonding stuff in too. Our car was about 10 months overdue for an oil change, and I asked Dad if he could help Mark do that while we were there. Dad has an oil pan and we don't. Our oil was solid black! I'm suprised we haven't done something to the engine driving with that floating around in there! They even cleaned out my A/C filter, and were very proud of themselves. Thank you guys for taking care of my car!

Janelle and I discussed dessert after my nap, and decided on a jello poke cake with cool whip and cherry pie filling. We had everything but the cool whip, so Mom, Janelle, Mark, and myself headed to the store for some supplies. We got our stuff and headed back for home. We didn't even browse around! Sad! None of us could think of anything we wanted to look at! But the cake was easy to throw together. Bake a cake, pour some jello over it, let it sit, smear cool whip on, eat! Seriously easy, and with the pie filling all over the cool whip, it looked really fancy. Of course, no camera....

Mom had taken out a bunch of pork chops for dinner, and trusted me to figure out how to cook them without drying them out. They were the really thick ones, which do really well with braising in butter and their own juices. So I lemon-peppered them up and popped them in the pan. They turned out really juicy, Mom was excited, and out of 12 chops, there were 2 left after dinner!

A really fun day, got lots done, and ate great food! You couldn't ask for a better Saturday with family!

Steph, we missed you the whole time. You would have been smart and brought a camera! :-)


Stephanie said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there. I do miss all the times we would all just go and hang out together at Mom and Dad's house. Sigh...homesickness...

Anyway, sounds like you had a great time, I love the shirt idea. You need to take a picture of William in his new shirt to post on the blog!

Melinda said...

I need you closer to I can enjoy great meals by you...and trade babysitting/cleaning/visiting days...and learn to do cute cakes...and get to know your kids...and lots more!

Sounds like tons of fun!

Sarah said...

What a fun way to share the news. I love hearing all the creative things people come up with.

It sounds like it was a productive day with more than enough yummy food. I love days like that.

Rachel H. said...

You know me--LOVE those times with loads of great food! What a perfect day!!! How fun to still be close to family and get to hang out like that.

And what fun ways to share your news! I bet you will remember that for a long time!