Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things just got a little easier

I called Nathan's therapist yesterday to let her know we still aren't cleared for speech therapy. We got talking and I asked if we could change his therapy days, because having all three in a row was just too much. Turns out she couldn't switch the days around, but she was more than happy to cut one day off and switch another to the afternoon! Most kids get 30 minutes per session. Nathan gets 45-60 per session, so having just 2 days won't hurt him at all. We had only increased it to 3 to work those new muscle flaps in hopes that he wouldn't need that 2nd surgery... and he needed it anyway. So we'll go easier on him now that the surgery has already improved his speech.

Now we just have Wednesday afternoons, with my friend's little girl's piano lesson afterwards since I'll be in town already. And Thursday mornings. Most of my energy is in the mornings, so I like to have that time at home to get things done, and now I can! He doesn't go back for a couple more weeks at least, but I know that my schedule will be a lot easier to handle when he does.

Amanda was an angel..... again..... and helped me with the house today. She came by, I forget why, and I was straightening the living room. So she pitched in! Granted, I offered to feed them all dinner- dessert included, but still it was so appreciated! I did this for her a whole lot when she was pregnant last time, we kind of do this back and forth. She's trying to get over mastitis, and not feeling well right now, so it meant a lot that she helped me today. Lots of dishes got done, my table scrubbed, house swept, and clothes gathered in baskets to be washed. When I started feeling swollen again I would sit down for a while, but the spotting has stopped for now so I felt okay getting stuff done.

I was so proud of myself today! I had energy at 3, so decided to put our hashbrown casserole together and stick it in the fridge until time to cook it. Very smart, because by 5 I was pretty beat and all I had to do was heat up our casserole. I threw together a quick dessert that sat in the fridge, and Amanda brought over some broccoli. A yummy dinner, ready at a decent time, with a dessert and good friends. A great evening! (Especially since I had a clean table to enjoy it on and disposable plates I didn't have to wash afterwards!)


Kathy said...

Wow, I'm always so impressed with your friend, Amanda. It's wonderful that you have each other. And yeah for those paper goods! I'm glad you were able to scale back Nathan's therapy - that should help a lot.

Stephanie said...

That's a great idea - put together dinner while you have the energy and then just bake it later when you're exhausted! Very smart.

I'm glad you were able to work out the therapy schedule to make things easier for you.

Rachel H. said...

Hooray for easier schedules! You've got to love that! And hooray for your friend Amanda. What a gem!