Monday, March 9, 2009

Apparently I am crazy!

For having a 4th child. I had a small orientation with a couple other ladies and a nurse to go over some paperwork, get baseline vitals, and any other info they wanted to give/get from me. The other moms' eyes got all big when I said how many kids we already had! Too funny!

I chatted with the nurse about my sugar levels, she ordered the 1 hour and the 3 hour (just in case) glucose tests for me. I took the 1 hour today, but I am concerned it may not be accurate because I had eaten a piece of toast about 8 am, and didn't drink the glucose stuff until 10. I think my numbers may have been a little low to start with... we'll see. That's 10 times I have had to drink that stuff now. Blech!

I have also been instructed to take it easy, and spend plenty of time off my feet, due to some spotting and pain- not cramping, just swollen feeling....uh..... there.....,which has been fun. Mark has been great, but there are so many things that I want to do and that need done. And when I get up to try to do them, I start feeling swollen again. Walking around the store starts the slight spotting back up, which is brown and not red, but they'd rather me be safe than sorry. How am I supposed to be packing, and cleaning, if I have to sit half the day? Luckily, Nathan has the next three weeks at least with no therapy, and that cuts my running around. I'll figure it out, and we should be good.

We're just waiting to hear back on the results of the glucose test, hopefully tomorrow. Sorry pregnancy stuff has been the main meat of my last posts, but it's pretty much the most interesting thing we are doing lately.

Oren is bringing home books he has to read for a reading program at school. He reads a book and then tests on how much he understands. He is halfway through 1st grade, but is bringing home books at the 3 1/2 grade level! Wow! He has just blossomed this year, somehow so much less the little boy. As we got out of the van on Sunday, he turned to me and asked, "Mommy, what can I carry for you?" With no prompting! Not just if he could carry something, but wanting a specific thing I needed his help with. And then he held the door open for me too! He is becoming such a gentleman, I am very impressed by his attitude. He throws far less tantrums, and doesn't whine nearly as much, as long as we explain our decisions to him. So there is hope you guys! Kids really do act better as they get older and understand why certain things are! I love it!

I cut all their hair today, about 2 - 2 1/2 inches off all their heads. It was very long, getting in Nathan's eyes all the time, so I finally sat them down and cut it down to 1 inch on top, and tapered the rest. Except Oren, he's more of 3/8 inch, since he had cut the front himself a couple weeks ago. I let it sit that long so it would grow out a little and I wouldn't have to take it down to bare blades. Somehow, during the haircut, I lost baby William! Not looking much like a toddler anymore, he very much resembles Oren at this age. William may be short, but he is becoming a little boy. *sniff* I guess it's a good thing I am having another one, because my baby is getting all growed up on me!


Stephanie said...

I was feeling like that too - my babies aren't babies anymore! I wanted some snuggles today and tried to get Zaylee to cuddle with me. I got a two-second hug, then she was off to play. So I went to Thomas - he's always good for cuddles. But he was only willing to let me hold him as long as he could hold his head up enough to watch the movie we had going. So no cuddly snuggles for me! Do they have to grow up so fast? Why??? sniff

Kathy said...

Make sure you obey those doctor's orders and take it easy! Ask Mark to buy some paper plates, silverware, cups, and bowls. It will instantly create a lot less work for you right now. Congratulations to Oren! It's so exciting when our children catch on and read. Emily LOVES to read, sometimes to the point where she wants to do that instead of stuff she's supposed be doing. But I'm not complaining!