Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not much going on....

Other than napping, and a strange corn dog fetish. Mark has been catching up on laundry for me, because for some odd reason he likes me. The boys have some brand new knex and have been going to town with them the last couple days, so the house has been fairly quiet.

William was running a fever yesterday and I had to cancel my piano lessons. Nathan did the same thing last Friday night, but woke up fine on Saturday. William was just hunky dory this morning, so it must have been a 24 hour fever or something. Of course, I have been watching for rashes, but nothing on Nathan so I think it was just a short fever.

I have been battling queasy for a couple days. On and off during the day, nothing major. Mark has been great about my lack of real cooking, and frequent use of pb&j sandwiches. I think I am going to do fajitas today, they sound yummy. I'll have to pick up a bell pepper when I get the kids from school.

We have just been enjoying kicking back and taking it easy. Practicing for Spring Break I guess. :-) Next week!!!!


Stephanie said...

Mmm, corn dogs... Jeff and I made homemade corn dogs when I was pregnant with Zaylee and I ended up having to get an IV the next day because I couldn't keep anything down! Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

But I'm sure you'll be fine. ;-)

I still totally love my pregnancy craving from when I was first pregnant - nachos with the works!

Annette said...

This too shall pass. I hate the sick part of pregnancy, but I loved everything else.

Melinda said...

Hey, in case you don't get back and ready my comments again, I re-commented (and then re-thought and decided to comment here) about making a hooter hider for you. I would TOTALLY love to do it because I think they're cute, fast and easy. Of course with a pro like Steph near you, you may want to let her take a crack at it. But if you're feeling generous and want to give me the opportunity to play with another of these, jot me an email (boschifam(at)gmail(dot)com) when you know what you're having/what you're doing for a 'nursery'. I would love to do one for you!!!