Friday, March 20, 2009

Packing, but not my house.

We still haven't put in the application for a 4 bedroom, I am sort of waiting to see the heartbeat at our 10 week ultrasound next week to make sure everything is okay. But I did pack 5 boxes today! Just not in my house.

My friend Amanda signed the papers this afternoon for their new home. I came over and helped decide what would get moved over first and finished some boxes that needed done. Went through tons of paperwork and junk and got rid of most of it, because that is what I am good at. Still a lot to do tomorrow, but I am mainly going to be watching the kids so they aren't underfoot and getting into everything.

I don't think it has hit me that she's actually moving into town. Just 15-20 minutes away, but still... I think that after their final inspection and they are signed out of their base house, and I haven't seen her in 3 days or had her just come over for the fun of it..... then it will hit me. Like a ton of bricks.

She has been an amazing friend for the last 3 years! Loaned us furniture when we had nothing for 2 months. Watched the boys while we were in the hospital having William. Took Oren and Nathan overnight when William had his concussion. Cleans my house with me. She was there for my initial appointment when I was diagnosed with being bipolar, and watches me like a hawk to make sure I'm okay. I have been there for her through tough times with her husband being deployed 3 times since I've been here. I watched her daughter while she was giving birth to her youngest. I held her when she cried because she had thrown up for 8 months straight and was running on nearly no sleep most of her pregnancy. It's been like having my sister live right next door!

We'll still hang out, I am going down every Wednesday for her daughter's piano lessons. But it won't be the same. She won't be right there. William will miss her little girl, they play all the time are get so excited to see each other. Her middle girl has played with Nathan for 3 years, and never once made fun of Nathan's speech. Her oldest and Oren like to do their homework together. I will be picking up her oldest everyday after school and watching her until her dad gets off work and takes her home, so they don't have to pay for afterschool childcare, so that's better than nothing.

Definitely getting hormonal! I'm sitting here tearing up.... sad. Okay, I think it's hitting me a tad now. Plus I am seriously tired and probably need to get off and go to bed. Going to be a busy and long day tomorrow!


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

I know how you feel. When we were in Jacksonville my bestfriend Jenn moved back home when her husband was done with his enlistment. We had been through everything together for two years. Life just hasn't been the same since but we are still the greatest friends and she even came to see me last weekend all the way from South Carolina. We see eachother about once a year and we talk all the time. Great friends never disappear!

Rachel H. said...

It is quite evident you guys have been so close. How wonderful to have that blessing for so long now. I think you will stay close still--even if she isn't next door. Lisa is right...great friends never disappear... :)