Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I cooked!

I sooooo almost skipped out on fajitas, because today was Educator's night at McDonalds and Oren's teacher was working the fryer over there. Sort of a fun thing the district does. But, I had told Mark about the fajita's I was planning and I would have felt terrible if he had come home for dinner, just for those, and we were gone eating burgers just because I was tired. So I made myself cook.

Totally worth it! I quit using packets a long time ago. I had a recipe that I used to use, but I kind just throw the stuff in now because I have made it with that recipe for years and know what goes in it. The meat marinades in a bag with the spices, a little oil and some lime juice for a while and then fry it up. Easy, cheap, and delicious! I cracked open a can of black beans and simmered them with some Sazon Goya con cilantro y achiote - great stuff, pick it up in the mexican aisle, a little box. Microwaved some minute rice and voila! Dinner!

And what do you know. Mark came home for dinner, and said it was the best thing I have cooked for a long time!

I'ts one of the only things I have cooked in a long time, from scratch...... :-)

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Stephanie said...

Good for you for actually cooking and making a yummy dinner for your family. The fajitas sound delicious. Actually, I know they're delicious because we use your recipe when we do fajitas. Yummmmm...