Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring break is here!

We've made it this far through the school year! What a week too, not much time for just chillin. Tomorrow I will be heading up the cleaning committee at Amanda's house, I am in charge of wiping down walls since that's not too challenging and doesn't involve chemicals. Mark didn't think I should help, but I pointed out that I won't be locking myself into the bathroom with lots of different chemicals and a closed window.

Then Wednesday our babysitter is coming bright and early, about 7:40 am, to crash on the couch for a while. Mark and I are going to my 1st doc appointment, 10 whole weeks! I wouldn't have made him come except they said they are doing an ultrasound to verify my due date. Mostly because I am very overweight and it will be difficult to feel my uterus or pick up a heartbeat for a while. I am planning on talking to them about possibly switching my care over to an OB in Boise that delivers at St. Lukes, because I am very nervous about repeating some of the problems I had with my other boys. Our chances of another NICU baby are high, and I would prefer to be at the same hospital as the baby this time! I'm excited for our 1st glimpse at this new little one. Even though we have had 3 babies, each new one fascinates me! All the ultrasounds I can get, I love seeing my little angels!

Friday is Nathan's doctor's appointment, to check how the infection healed and hopefully clear him for therapy. His therapist and I are crossing our fingers that he'll be good to go! I told the boys we'd try and go to the Discovery Center to hang out after my errands, so this promises to be a very long day.

Mark had to pull up our toilet, something was clogging it again. Big suprise, right? Every couple of months..... He had to go get a new wax ring seal for it and before he could get it put back together, William threw the nuts that hold the tank to the seat down the pipe! They're still there..... neither of us wants to dry digging them out....! So although it would flush beautifully, I still have to go all the way to the other side of the house 2-3 times a night! I love my boys!

I think that's about all I can think of for now. Off to bed!

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Stephanie said...

I hope this doesn't jinx me, but I sure am glad that my children haven't discovered the joys of flushing things down the toilet.

Hooray for having your first doctor's appointment - that's always so much fun! It makes it seem more real somehow, at least for me. Good luck!