Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crossing our fingers...

We took Nathan for his 2 week post-op appointment on Friday. He is healing well, except for a small infected area at the back of his mouth. Bummer! We are attacking it with another 1o day round of Augmentin- a form of penicillin particularly effective at reducing bacteria in the mouth. We go back in 3 weeks to make sure the infection is gone and see if it created a hole. Sometimes they do that.... Luckily, if it does end up with a hole, it would be in one of the easier spots to fix. I think that would be a minor surgery, but I am crossing my fingers it heals fine, so he doesn't have to do any more surgeries- as cooperative as he has been, there's a limit to what he should be put through! He hasn't been cleared for therapy yet, due to the infection, and the fact that his palate is still very doughy and slightly swollen. This was a much more involved procedure, so it makes sense that it will take a lot longer to be sufficiently healed as to not cause problems with intense therapy. We are already seeing an improvement in some of his sounds, and are happy with that for now.

She did clear him for slightly harder foods, and he has enjoyed poptarts, pizza, and chicken nuggets with all the zest of a 4 year old!

I am doing fine, although still getting very tired. The nurse got a hold of me today about my high risk assesment paperwork. I had flagged some things and she wanted to talk to me about them. Most specifically the gestational diabetes- my numbers are already a bit high in the mornings- and the cleft lip/palate that runs in Mark's family. Especially since we have 1 child with palate deformities. So they tagged my file, I'm not officially high risk yet, more of a "watch this one" sort of thing. We're talking about doing the 3 hour glucose sometime in the next 2 weeks, to be safe. And probably some detailed ultrasounds sooner than 20 weeks to look at the palate..... I hope. She tried apologizing for tagging me, but I reassured her that I was more than happy to have to go through extra hoops, I am nervous about the possibility of repeating some of our previous problems and all the extra watching will make me feel better. Hopefully most of it won't be warranted, but even so, it's nice that they are paying attention and aren't just brushing things off.

I believe it is my naptime now..... :-)


Melinda said...

Good luck with the surgery healing! I'll bet that's rough on him, even if he IS taking it well.

You (and baby #4) are in my prayers, so stay healthy and safe!

Stephanie said...

Poor Nathan, having to deal with an infection on top of everything. I hope it isn't hurting him too much.

I'm glad that they're being extra cautious with your pregnancy. It's good that they're taking such good care of you!

Rachel H. said...

CROSSING MY FINGERS TOO! I sure hope that things go well with your pregnancy too. It's nice they are taking extra care of you!