Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To the Future!

Since Mark and I have been married, this is the longest we have ever lived in a house. It was 3 years in October, so nearly 3 1/2 now. And we are leaving it. The way this house is set up, it just won't do 4 kids very well, so we are applying for a 4 bedroom.

When we moved here, we had our luggage, and some toys from Mom Danes to tide us over. (Thank you Mom!) Our stuff wouldn't arrive until 2 months later- December, and we borrowed some furniture from the base loan office, set up for that purpose. A playpen, card table and chairs, some thin foam pads to sleep on, and some kitchen stuff. Our first Sunday in our new ward, we met some wonderful people who heard we had just the bare essentials and offered to loan us a couch, TV and movies, real mattresses, and bedding. I don't think I have ever appreciated a place to sit so much!

Now it's three years later. We have had many dinners with those same friends, William was born, we got our cats, our first broken bone with Oren, lots of broken glass cups, running around the backyard, family coming for birthdays, crowding 4 people in a kitchen built for no more than 2..... all those memories. I have made curtains, and painted walls. We have been happy!

I packed up the first box this morning. We haven't put the application in yet, but I will be slowly packing and cleaning as I go. Things like decorations, fabric and crafts, stuff from the garage.... I won't have time or energy for these things for a while. It may still be a couple months, the waiting list at Mark's rank for a 4 bedroom is 30-60 days right now. I just want to do it before I get too big, or too tired. I want to move while I can still haul boxes without people yelling at me, or my back hurts too bad.

Here's to the future!


Kathy said...

It's great that you can just apply and get into a bigger house!! And you are smart to be doing it well before your little one comes. Will you have much of a yard?

Michelle said...

Actually, with the military you pretty much get the same amount of square footage, just more bedrooms squeezed in. The higher the rank, the bigger house. The yards are all pretty small sized, because they like to squeeze lots of homes in together. We could stay here, but I would have to set up the boys as a bunk bed, and I am not willing to do that with William in the room. We just have to see what they have available to offer us- whatever 4-bedroom is empty first is what we get basically!

Rachel H. said...

HOORAY! It will be nice to have a separate space for the kiddos. Even though it's hard to move, and leave the place you made your home...I can't wait to see your new place through pictures!