Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More surgery

Nathan's appointment with the ENT today went really well! She very much agreed that the second surgery would be beneficial, so he is scheduled for the 19th of Feb! That's 2 weeks from today!!! I didn't think he would get in that fast, but that's great. He is doing a great job with his therapy, we've just taken his mouth as far as we can so far and the next surgery should help even more.

He's not going to like this one though. She said it means multiple sutured areas, lots of swelling that may take 2 months to go down. Absolutely nothing but the softest foods for at least 10 days afterwards. He'll probably ask for his tylenol w/ codeine a lot more this time, since it is a lot more painful recovery. Which may mean a longer hospital stay. They won't release until he is eating and eliminating on his own. The good news is that this is the last surgery he should have to do, and being only 4 he hopefully won't remember much of the experience. I don't relish the whole taking him into the pre-op room though! I think he'll remember that from the last time!

This surgery will be trying to realign the muscles and flaps above the palate, to lengthen his palate about 25 %. I am very confident in Dr. Beck, and I know she is going to do her best to help Nathan.

I had a laugh at the appointment though. William was repeating all the stuff we were trying to get Nathan to say, and she and the nurse were amazed at his articulation. We figured out that he's pretty much been in speech therapy for a while now too, seeing how hard I work Nathan at home and that sort of becomes an automatic thing with my other 2. I should just get a degree in speech pathology.... He does speak well, and clearly, for being 28 months!


Stephanie said...

You want to come and work with Thomas? I need to get him talking more, but I'm just not sure how to go about it. Anyway, I'm glad that Nathan will be getting the surgery he needs, though I don't envy him or you that long and hard recovery!

Kathy said...

They can do such amazing things with surgery now days. Hope all goes well!

Melinda said...

That's great! All of it. I'll bet you can't wait until it's all done and your kids are just being kids again, huh?