Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally, an update!

Okay, I think I have commented on everyone's blog. I am so behind on everything it's insane! Weekly update:

I got the check from Tricare, deposited it, and sent the doc the check all on the same day. They got it and cashed it, so that's all taken care of. And hopefully we won't have to go through all this with the next surgery!

We brought Oren in for a medication refill and talked to the doctor about a little bit extra meds. He's on Concerta, which is a long release form of ritalin. We have him on the lowest dose which has been holding great for over a year, but he seemed like it just wasn't quite enough in the after lunch period of the day. So the doc, the teacher and myself decided to put him on a very small dose of regular ritalin right before lunch. After being on that for a week, the teacher came down the hall after school yesterday and informed me that the afternoon dose is wonderful! It's just enough to take his focus to his morning level and help him sit still. He is gaining weight and is finally over 40 pounds. At 6 years old. But still, it's something! His doctor says we are doing an awesome job keeping his meds down and his ADHD under control, and that we seem to be more informed than most parents. He appreciated that I had a plan for when he would take the pill so his appetite wouldn't be affected and it would have a chance to kick in before class resumed after recess. It makes me feel good that we have made such a good partnership with the school and the doctors, all working towards helping Oren get the most out of school and family life.

Nathan's therapist is very proud of how well he is doing at his speech. We'll still need the other surgery because he has to work harder than he should to push the air out of his mouth for certain sounds, but a switch sort of flipped the last couple weeks and he has started to get how to get words "from his mouth not his nose". I talked to his preschool teacher about the possible surgery, so they know, and she started telling me how smart he is. They were having crackers for snack one day last week and he was nibbling away at his. He help it up and said, "Look! A stagecoach!" He's 4, and he knows what a stagecoach is. I didn't know he knew that! And he has become much more confident with his classmates, since they can understand his speech better. He likes things to be fair and by the rules, and will defend his friends. He's going to be quite a special young man!

I only hope that all our teachers will be as understanding and appreciative of my kids. We have really been blessed so far with exactly what each of my children has needed.

They stole my husband today.... some jet needs a paint job fixed. As if they don't take him enough? He came home at 2:30 Friday morning! And this morning was after 1:00! Come on!!!!! My kids are driving me crazy today, they won't quit wrestling. My house is in desperate need of my services. And I have no hubby to help..... sniff.


Stephanie said...

I'm so glad that things are working out with Oren and Nathan. That's wonderful!

I'd leave a longer comment, but Jeff is calling me to the table for lunch. Talk to you later! :-)

CissaLynn said...

That is such good news about both of the boys!! :) They sound like such sweethearts!!! :)

I can identify w/the house issues. Mine is in some major need of some lovin'!!!! :) I am working on it, slowly but surely. Things just keep getting in the way!!! lol!!! :)

Kathy said...

Glad to hear the good news about Oren and Nathan. You've done an awesome job with all the medical care for your children. I'm sure it takes a very lot of time and effort that a lot of other parents might not do. Lest you feel bad about your hubby coming home late, I sent Dave off on Sat. (31st) and he'll be gone a full three weeks (Feb. 22). But in all fairness, I only have Emily, which makes a very big difference. Hang in there!

Rachel H. said...

WHEW! An update from ya, finally!! Glad you got all the medical stuf taken care of. It's true--so much of your time is spent taking care of that stuff and you do a great job!