Monday, February 9, 2009

Another week...

Just another week, another 3 days of therapy, another 5 days of before 7 wake-ups, another 21 complete outfits in the laundry, another 20 loads of laundry, another 113 dirty dishes, another 247 "He hit me!"'s.

And lots of diapers.

We got the authorization form Tricare for Nathan's surgery. Just a little more than a week until Dr. Beck gives him another shot at more normal speech.

And a little more than a month until my best friend and almost sister moves down into town. They put an offer on a house, it was accepted, and they get the keys March 20th if all goes well. So of course I will be helping her get rid of stuff, and pack, and clean. I won't miss the snakes, but I will miss her! She'll be in a different ward, so I won't get to play with her daughter during sacrament. Visits will have to be planned when one of us is in the area. Bummer. But she's excited about her house and asked if I could help choose paint colors and all that! Makes me want a house, but there's just too much going on for us right now to deal with all that. At least right now if something goes wrong, the military deals with it.

We spent a nice, boring weekend at home. I did talk Mark into taking us all out for dinner and ice cream on Saturday. We all just needed to get out of the house, and it was a nice evening. The kids did great, for them, and didn't climb under the table too much. We walked around Walmart for a while to work off dinner, spent a 1/2 hour in the toy section because Daddy wanted to play, and checked out all the fun Valentines stuff they had. Then off to the local TCBY, where the boys enjoyed some lurid colored ice cream, Mark had an italian soda that was far too sweet for me, and I indulged in some white chocolate frozen yogurt. Yumm!

William's diaper is calling my name. #1 for this week!

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Stephanie said...

Makes me want a house too! But it will be a while yet. Enjoy your new week of diapers and dishes. :-)