Friday, February 13, 2009

A well-deserved break

Okay, well there only 235 "He hit me!"s, which is good..... :-)

We are going out tomorrow! The Elders Quorum is doing a Temple session with wives, so Mark and I are going. We found a good young man willing to sacrifice some of his day to hang out with the boys.... they think he is the coolest and he cleans up after them! What more could you ask for?

It has been a while since our last date, and I can't wait. What better place to go than to the Temple? Things have been so hectic that the peace will be very welcome. It's been a very long week, very tiring. The good thing is that because he has 8 brothers and sisters, he is very used to mess. I don't feel like I have to have the house spotless for the babysitter tomorrow!

Nathan is pre-registered at the hospital for his surgery, they called this evening to verify his info. Mark has his leave paperwork almost done and that should be good. He is taking Thursday and Friday off. Amanda will be watching William and picking Oren up from school. I will be staying the night with Nathan, since William is going through some seperation issues with Daddy working the evening shift now, and needs to have Daddy here at bedtime. It's going to be a long day for him.... poor little guy. Lots to do, to make sure this next weekend goes smoothly, but we did fine last time so I am not anticipating much different. Except Nathan's recovery will be longer and more painful this time.

I guess that's my weekly update.... sad that it's become so busy that I only make it here once a week right now. Hopefully things will ease up a bit in the summer and we can be more relaxed, just hang out, take tons of photographs.... I got one of William "shaving" the other day, and still haven't found the time to post it!

As it is, I should probably have the boys pick up the money they have been throwing around, and get everyone wrangled into bed.... Good night!


Stephanie said...

You're doing better updates than I am lately, even if they are only weekly. I've been finding myself posting very sporadically. My food blog is doing fine, but the family blog is just being neglected like crazy. Your excuse is that you're busy; mine is that nothing blog-worthy ever happens. Sigh.

Good luck with Nathan's surgery. It's coming up so fast, isn't it?

Rachel H. said...

HOORAY!! I love hearing from you when you get a chance! Sure do miss your frequent updates like before! I hope you are taking time for yourself often! You deserrve it!

Good luck with Nathan's surgery. I hope it all goes well! And enjoy the temple today!

Kathy said...

The temple is such a wonderful place to go for a date. I hope everything goes okay with Nathan's surgery.