Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sickie Sunday

Mark got up this morning to go to his morning meetings and heard Oren stirring around. I was trying hard to stay passed out but wasn't meeting with much success, especially since I heard Oren telling Daddy that he felt sick and Daddy replying that it's okay if he throws up.


Too late..... I am blind as a bat without glasses/contacts, so here I am trying to throw contacts in my eyes while Mark is finding his shoes, and Oren is getting sick all over himself and his bed. He's in the tub at the moment, sheets have been changed, and I don't think I am going to church today.

The kicker is that Nathan was sick Wednesday, as was Amanda's little girl. They only threw up once or twice and that was it. But you can never really tell, and I don't want to clean up a mess at church, not to mention he's probably contagious since the other 2 apperantly were.

Oh, the joys of motherhood.

On the plus side, Amanda's husband came home from his deployment yesterday. No more snake cages for me! I had a laugh about that yesterday. She mentioned that she had to help him, he had some of the snakes out and so she cleaned the cages for him. "So he just held a snake while you got to clean up snake stuff..... hmmm!" (That's what I've been doing the last 4 months..... gee. Holding a snake is not cleaning cages, so don't complain to me that you finally had to scrub them out!) Sorry, I just had to vent a tiny bit. This deployment has been hard on me too, and I am very glad he is home. Part of my stress has been trying to keep her from getting stressed, and nobody else has been helping a whole lot. Again. Just like the last one and the one before that one. He's home for a year, and I gladly turn his family back over to him. Now I can enjoy my time with her without feeling frustrated all the time that I am filling in as a partner!

I think I am getting into my new schedule. With all the piano lessons and the extra therapy.... I am keeping pretty busy. I made up a weekly schedule, marked every 30 minutes, with where I am and doing what. I even had to mark in mealtimes and school runs just so everything runs smoothly. This isn't me being crazy, it's me trying to keep some sort of sanity. I like seeing visually where my chunks of free time are, especially when trying to coordinate appointments and things. Plus now Mark knows where I'm at! He couldn't keep things straight before. I have more free chunks than it feels like, which is great. Now, if I could only find the energy to do some housework during those free times, instead of taking a nap!


Stephanie said...

Sorry that you had to miss church. Zaylee wasn't feeling well this morning, but neither was Jeff. So he ended up on "stay home with the sick child" duty while I got to go to church with Thomas. Hope Oren feels better soon, and that no one else gets sick. :-)

Melinda said...

Hope Oren's feeling better today! And I'm glad for you that Amanda's hubby is sounds like it's hard on everyone involved. What a schedule...right now, I'm just bouncing between naps and meals, but it sounds like you've got all those appointments and stuff hammered down. Cool!

Karen said...

You are amazing! Keep up the good work. I'm glad Amanda's husband is home and you can relax on that issue. Hope Oren feels better soon.

Rachel H. said...

I aam so glad Amanda's husband is home now. What a relief, for everyone!

I hope everyone gets feeling better soon! ICKY to be SICKY!