Monday, January 19, 2009

Raring to go!

William loves outside and would spend all day, every day, out there if he could! With it being winter, he doesn't get out there as much as he would like but never misses a chance to tell us that he wants to go!

I didn't think anything of his walking around with the boys's shoes, trying to get them on. But when I heard the front door opening I went to check out what he was doing...

One shoe of Oren's, and one of Nathan's. Oren's gloves. Nathan's hat. One silly boy!

Sorry about the fuzziness. He was moving around a lot and the camera was having a hard time focusing with all the light coming in from the back door. He just looked so adorable that I had to dig out my little used camera (these past few weeks...) and snap away!

Thanks to all who wished Oren a speedy recovery. I'd say it worked.... this photo below was masterminded by him! Foamy soap is great, but not when your kids get to it. Ditto with my fridge water cooler thing. We didn't give him his meds yesterday since there would be no point if he just threw it up. But by the time he was feeling better, I was exhausted and laid down for a nap. I woke up to the sound of jumping/splashing, and a funny sort of soapy smell.

The good news is that my kitchen has gotten mopped twice in the last 2 weeks now! And we scooted the fridge out and cleaned behind there, which needed done anyway but now we had nice soapy water to clean with. And the bottom of the fridge got wiped down as well, because there was a water explosion courtesy of William! Thanks boys!

They did most of the cleanup. by the way... including the very nasty behind/under the fridge! Hey, I didn't make the mess!


Stephanie said...

Way to look at the bright side. No better excuse to give the floor a good mopping than if it's already soapy and wet! Thomas is like William - as soon as there is any indication that he gets to get out of the apartment, he is all smiles.

Melinda said...

Hooray for no sickies! And for a clean kitchen floor. Who knew they could be so helpful? And Evie is begging to go out every time Daddy opens the door to go to/come from work. Poor kids!

Rachel H. said...

hahaha...little boys never do stop, do they???

And that is bad news for have 3. And you are 1 person. Sigh... :)

Willford Family said...

You having fun yet? HAHA! Do you think the kids keep you on your toes yet? I love the picture of william raring to go! It makes me wish I was a kid again. That floor sceene looks all too familiar! Hang in there guys! You'll laugh lots later.