Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have a nice, big, fat check coming to my house to the tune of $800.

And I can't keep a penny!

Because it's the payment for the ENT from Tricare for Nathan's surgery. The one he had in October.....

I know! It's ridiculous that it's taken this long! They sent one in December, but that one had the payee as Nathan William instead of Nathan Willford, so I couldn't deposit it. I had to send it back and ask for a corrected payee. 1 month later I called (about 2 weeks ago?) to check on the status of the new check. Only to find out that the 1st check had been refunded like it was supposed to be but the new one hadn't been resubmitted for processing. ARGH! She sent the request in right away for me, which was nice, and I called the docs office to let them know what was going on with their money. It's kind of a hefty amount and they have been very nice about letting me wait until Tricare pays me before I pay them.

I finally got the email from Tricare that the check has been issued, which means it's in the mail and I should get it in a few days, hopefully. So tomorrow I get to call the docs office again and let them know that their money is almost here! They'll be so excited, seeing as how the surgery was Oct. 30, and he has another appointment with her Feb. 4th to discuss how well he is healing and if we are doing the second surgery option. Which his therapist is pretty sure he needs, and which I felt at the beginning that he would end up with. I saw the extent of the non-movement on the x-ray and I will be very suprised if they both come back saying he doesn't need it.

I just would have felt very bad going to his next appointment without giving them their money from the last surgery, you know? Crossing my fingers it hits my mailbox soon!


Stephanie said...

Wow, it is about time! Glad that it's finally working out, and I hope that if Nathan needs the other surgery it will all go well.

Melinda said...

That sure took forever! We're currently waiting on reimbursement for something insurance was supposed to cover but we fronted...we know about the waiting game! :) Hope he doesn't need the next surgery, but if so, I hope it all goes smoothly!