Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm not really sure how to spell that...

Oren and I missed the flu that was going around, so it stands to reason that we caught the next bug. Which happens to be a cold. I finally caved yesterday and started taking a decongestant. Cleaning my friend's house didn't help it either.

I believe I mentioned that... the one that took forever to clean the bathroom? Their inspection was this morning at 8:00, so everything had to be done by then. I wasn't going to go clean last night, the RS president sent a "please help them" email, so I figured there should be some people there. But I passed out with William around 4:00 for a while, woke up intending still to not go, but then I felt like I really should go help out anyway. I grabbed my cleaning bucket and box of nitrile gloves, and headed out for more magic erasers. I gave her a call on route, and was told that there was one Elder helping out with yard work, and one Sister "helping" inside the house. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?

The guy was working hard to get the yard done, but walking into the house, the other girl said she had finished the bathroom (the one I was working on), and done the laundry room floor. (yeah, right...) It's a good thing there were tons of sponges, scrubbers, and paper towels!

See, the housing inspectors are very picky. Every surface that you can reach without the aid of a stepladder, except lighting fixtures if applicable, is to be wiped down. Cupboards, scrubbed inside and out. Windows, scrubbed. Walls, scrubbed and rinsed. Door frames and baseboard, scrubbed. Floor, scrubbed on my hands and knees because it was that bad. Laundry room, done!

The kitchen got wiped down from the top of the cupboards to the baseboards and the floor. They said it wasn't even that clean when they moved in three years ago! The back bathroom is spotless now too.

I'm sure you all really wanted to know about all this cleaning and how bad the house was and everything, but other than the cold, that's the most interesting thing that's happened the last few days.

Oh, yeah. We all got our flu shots. But that's not really interesting.

The good thing about all this is that Mark has been saying "thank you" more when I get stuff done at home. Like when I cleaned the bathroom but didn't have the energy for the kitchen. He told me it was okay, and that the bathroom looked great, and thanks for doing that much. He has been through a few moves with me, and knows that I do keep up with things enough that I don't have to ask for help before the inspection. Thank you Mom, for teaching us how to not get stressed when moving, because when things are up to some sort of standard it's easier to get it all done when it's crunch time!


Rachel H. said...

WOW! Lots going on...especially the icky sickies!! Sorry you guys caught the next round. NO FUN!

Your friend's house sounds SO clean! I could seriously use a house like that about now...

You are amazing, your endless abilities to help others our! I am in awe!

Grandma Danes said...

What a lucky friend you have. And what a great friend you are! It is a blessing that we all learn how to help each other isn't it? Glad your family is feeling better.

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear you were getting sick. I went through that a couple of weeks ago, and it's no fun. You are such a wonderful friend to this girl. I hope she knows how blessed she is! :) Hope you're feeling better soon.