Friday, November 21, 2008

Achoo, but for a different reason...

These achoos were for a good cause. My own house! (And a small dust storm...) I picked up a desk at the base woodpile, big and sturdy. And heavy. We stored it in the garage because I still had to clear off the old computer desk. Then, with Mark helping that family move last week, they sent him home with several shelves and pallets to make more shelves for the garage. Which got shoved in front of the desk. The garage floor was a mess of stuff that had just been tossed here and there, staple-gun staples, screws, old nails. Not a foot friendly place.

I found the energy yesterday to tackle it. Mostly because I had to so we could switch the desks today, hopefully. Amanda's truck got commandeered to serve as trash hauler, which she didn't know about until she got home. Luckily, she didn't mind. It was kind of funny actually, because the tailgate was down when she got home and there was stuff in the truck that wasn't there when she left. She was a tad confused... :-)

Technically, when you sweep out the garage, they want you to sweep the dirt into the grass so it doesn't look dirty on your driveway. I was just sweeping to get it out of the garage, and was about to brush it over to the lawn, but the wind beat me to it. There wasn't a whole lot of dust, but the wind was pretty heavy, and blew the dirt and leaves for me. Thanks!

See, I don't mind aggravating my stuffy nose when it's for my own home, and when I get thanked by a husband who looks at the garage in awe because there is now almost enough room for him to park the car. And there's more I can throw out, and will.

It felt really good to tackle project here at home after doing stuff for other people.

There have been lots of posts lately about cleaning, and home projects.... but aside from the daily runs to school and other errands, that's been about it!

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Rachel H. said...

You are always so motivated! I love it! I hope you post a picture of your desk and your shelves. Again, I really am interested to see how they turn out so I can do something similar for our food storage!