Saturday, November 15, 2008


I know this is my third post today, but I LOVE TRICARE!

Weird, huh?

We just got the bill from the hospital for Nathan's surgery. For the pre-op, OR, and post-op rooms, the room in pediactrics, all the surgical instrument usage, nurses in pediactrics, OR nurses, and medications other than anesthesia....


Plus the almost $900 for the anesthesia guys, and the $1900 ish doctor fee from Dr. Beck.

About $19,500!

With Tricare, our cost: nothing. If they bill the stuff under the authorized billing codes.

This is one of the reasons I think we were supposed be military. I think the Lord knew what we would go through with each of our children. Daily medications, extra ultrasounds during pregnancies, emergency room visits and ambulance rides, NICU babies, speech therapy and surgeries... I don't know what else my children will need, but I know that we are well taken care of and that my children can get the care that they need.


Stephanie said...

It's so neat to see that the Lord really has been taking care of you guys. I think that's wonderful.

Rachel H. said...

Such awesome news! It's amazing how the Lord's hand works in each part of our life, preparing us for something else...the next step.

Kathy said...

What a blessing to have all those bills covered!

Melinda said...

Hip,hip, HOORAY!! That's so incredible and wonderful! What a blessing.