Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy Bee

I think that I will take a moment to catch my breath. I think I need to take just one moment and do something totally not related to housecleaning, cooking, laundry, running errands, doctor's appointments, shouting at kids... Maybe something I find enjoyable... Blog maybe? Why not.

At this point I can't believe it is finally Friday. It hasn't been a bad week, or a fantastic week. Just a long week. I can't even remember half of what we did, it is all kind of a blur. I do know that I spent several hours cleaning Amanda's house because she was having a housing office emergency like I had a couple months ago. I know that yesterday I went to Boise and didn't spend any money, because Amanda owed me for the housework I did Wednesday, so she bought the stuff I needed at Costco. I know that I did grocery shopping at some point and got cans of corn and green beans for $0.33 a can. Everything else is sort of a busy blur.

Tuesday was odd. I got home from Nathan's therapy and ran him to the bus stop. Then I sat down and was asleep when Mark came home for lunch. I woke up before he left and did... I don't remember what... but I was asleep when he came home from work too. 2 naps, and I was still exhausted by 8:00! I was nearly falling asleep in the middle of visiting teaching that evening! It's a good thing I wasn't driving.

I haven't really followed my cooking schedule at all this week, or my cleaning hopes. Soccer is over next week, which is a good thing. I am going over my schedule in my head to see what things I can let go of so I am not so busy. I guess I don't need to make all our bread, Walmart has cheap enough stuff even if it doesn't taste nearly as good. I have been stressing over finding the time to make it. I guess the bathrooms don't need to be spotless, and the kitten loves pouncing in the piles on my bedroom floor. 2 more things I can let go of. (for now anyway, until I can find energy for them) Mom could always sense when I was younger, and even now, when I was taking on too much. I have a tendency to overdo it, and then I get stressed out way easily.

I know Amanda is paying me to clean her house, but maybe I don't have to do all the hours at once. She hasn't asked me to, I just get very OCD and all the little dirty things bother me. That would help me find time to tackle my own things. I want to keep cleaning, any money I can put towards Nathan's surgery is worth it. Maybe I can let go of late night TV watching and go to bed earlier. Maybe spend a few minutes cuddling with my sweetie after the kids go to bed, and talking. Being less tired would help, I'm sure. I should probably make sure I eat at regular times, my erratic eating is probably not doing me any good.

That's the plan. I can't do anything about the doctor's appointments, soccer's almost over, and the house has been messy for the last 7 years anyway so Mark is used to it. I can let go of or rearrange other things. But I need to take care of myself, huh. Then being so busy won't take so much out of me. And now I will crash for the next 20 minutes. Ah, life.

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CissaLynn said...

I can soooo identify w/this post!!! It seems like we are always busy and where does the time go?! I do end up taking naps, too, but I am noticing that I sometimes feel "worse" after a nap! I also stay up later at night than I should (my alone time), but I NEED to make myself go to bed earlier.
I also know all about the OCD - I get that way, too! :)
I am trying to slow down and take walks and exercise, even a little, to free my mind! We'll see if it helps! ;)
Have a good weekend! :)