Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Afternoon Outing

The weather this afternoon was just gorgeous. Not cool, but not too warm. Perfect for some time at the park. I told the kids to get socks and shoes on, and they got so excited! Apparently "no shoes" means the tiny park by our house. "Socks and shoes" means we are going to the big park at the end of the street. "Socks and shoes and get in the car" is code for going to the huge park on the other side of base. Huge for the base anyway, it's actually quite small compared to some I've seen.

Of course I grabbed my camera, the sun was bright but not harsh or right over head. The kids had plenty of energy. And I was itching to snap some great pictures.

Playing in the gravel

Whee! Don't you love that hair?

These monkey bars are harder than they look!

"It's okay, Super Bear. I won't letyou fall."

Brothers having fun. I love to see them playing together.

I just loved the colors of the merry-go-round, and the bar's long shadows.

Where was William through all of this? He fell asleep on the way there. I laid him down on a reclined seat and left the door open. He didn't wake up until I put him back in his seat.

I am so jealous of this kid's eyelashes!

Mark volunteered to help with the Base's Haunted House this year. He was so syked about it, he loves Halloween and jumping out at people. He worked it this weekend, Friday and Saturday from 6 to 11. I saw him for all of 1 1/2 hours, not all at once, on Friday, until 11. And today, Saturday, I got a goodbye kiss this morning, and a whole 2 minutes while I dropped off his dinner and a change of clothes. He had weekend duty this week and actually had to go in to work at 7 this morning. He went straight from work to the haunted house. He called me at Walmart and asked if I could bring him something to eat and something to wear besides his uniform. He finally got home, and this is the longest I have seen him today.

So I am going to hop off and get in some husband time, since he will probably have to work tomorrow too. :-)

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Stephanie said...

How funny that William spent the whole time asleep! Well, as long as he enjoyed himself! :-)

The boys do look so cute playing together. That's such a wonderful sight, isn't it? I know I love to see Zaylee and Thomas playing together, in a game that doesn't involve bodily harm to Thomas inflicted by Zaylee. ;-)