Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nurse, Scalpel Please.

That's right, we're talking surgery! Dr. Beck's office scheduled Nathan for surgery on the 30th. Next Thursday! Next week!

I talked to the billing lady who was so nice last time and who deals with the tricare patients, about the whole money side of things. If we can't get a hold of the whole deposit amount, they will work with us. We can't get an estimate of how much it will be, because they don't know which surgery he will have first. Once they decide that, they will give us the estimate and we'll go from there.

So we have a surgery scheduled, we just don't know which one he is having! Too funny! Amanda is taking Oren, and Stephanie, wonderfully amazing sister that she is, agreed to take William. He will have a minimum 24 hour stay after the surgery. If he is too much pain and won't eat still, than we basically stay until he eats, from what I understand. Most kids go home within 3 days, so we'll see how he does. I'm hoping it's not that long of a stay! Poor little guy!

A whole lot of prayers, and even more faith. We have been truly blessed with this, that it is all coming together.


Rachel H. said...

So I am guessing that for Halloween he will be a patient. :)

Congrats on getting this all to come together and having the backup you need to make it happen!!

Stephanie said...

So exciting! In a son-going-into-surgery kind of way. Anyway, I hope that everything works out and goes well. We'll have so much fun with William next weekend!