Monday, August 18, 2008

Scurry Scurry

You know what the funniest look you will ever see on a man's face is?

The one where you remind, not tell, him late Saturday night that you both need to prepare your talks for the following day.

Horror. Panic. Confusion.

They look pretty interesting when all jumbled together!

"You never said anything about giving a talk!"

"Yes I did! I told you Tuesday night after Enrichment Meeting."

"No. I never heard you say anything, I would have remembered,"

"Yes I did. You responded to me. Maybe it was a reflex response because I seem to remember you stuffing food in your mouth the whole time..." (amused smile)


Long story short, it's 9:30 and now we both are aware of the fact that we are giving talks the next morning, bright and early. He, sitting on the computer, refuses to get off. He shuts down his game however, boots up the Church's website and goes to town. Not Fair! He has access to hundreds of articles and scripture refrences! Dictionaries!

I sit down with my handy scriptures (I am so glad I found them a couple weeks ago...), my hymn book, paper and pencil. Usually I just rely on using parts of talks from people much smarter than I, but with Mark on the computer, I'd get no help there! Here goes nothing....

At midnight I put down my pencil and closed my books. Talk done! I didn't even write it all out, what I was going to say. Just the outline and notes. Puttered around the house until 1 am, when Mark finished and we went to bed.

I must be getting all growed up, because I was able to speak slowly, not rush through nervously. I was able to put feeling in my words, make eye contact with the congregation without feeling shy, and for the first time ever, used all of my 15 minutes! Yay me!

I think that next time though, I will try to remember to start preparing earlier in the week, because this scurrying is no fun. Maybe I spoke slowly because I was exhausted? :-)


Stephanie said...

Good job getting your talks together in so little time. I'd comment a little more, but Jeff needs the computer to find some place to work on our poor dying car. Talk atya later!

Rachel H. said...

YEAH! It is always a nice feeling to look back and feel like you did it right. Even if you did it LATE. :)

I would have loved to see Mark's face!!!

Kathy said...

Yikes! I would have been panicking big time! Way to go, though, to put it together last minute, but be able to deliver it in a way no would know! Next time it will be your turn to hog the computer. :)