Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Duck Pond Park

There are several parks in town, a couple of which are actually closed down for "something". Not sure what... But this one is our favorite. We have visited it a few times, in fact, the picture above is on the bridge there that I took in the spring time. (The branches grew since then and I was unable to get a good shot...) I had promised the boys that we would go again and take pictures, they were jealous of the girls photo shoot and wanted one too. Plus, they wanted to feed the ducks, and I happened to have several bread loaf heels that would be perfect. (They cooperated for a bit, but the pond was too great a temptation and that pretty much ended the picture taking.)
I love this waterfall, it is in the shade, with a bench and a small bridge. It feeds the pond, somewhat, and creates a couple very, very small riverlets along some of the paths.

William, the little stinker, would not stand still for this shot. So he played with the rocks off to the side while I snapped a couple. They kept moving their feet. "The rocks are poking me!" Daddy talking, not the boys. :-) They have a lot of growing to do yet, but one day, those little feet will be bigger than mine!

I am glad I wasn't the one sitting on the rock. Poor kid, it was a little hot, which I didn't find out until right after this shot, when he jumped off and wouldn't get back on.

Enjoying the bridge, and the shade. They wouldn't put their shoes back on, so they didn't want to walk the gravel paths. There was only a small section of gravel to get to the bridge, so he braved it. What little boy can resist a bridge?

We wouldn't let William too close to the pond's edge. He kept trying to lean over and touch the water, which had a lot of algae. It is an abrupt edge. We tried to keep him sitting a few feet away to watch the ducks. He wasn't too happy about that...

It was nice to get out of the house and spend some family time together. I had to almost physically drag Mark away from the computer, but he enjoyed himself in the end. There may not be much to do in town, but time out of the house feels sooo good!


Rachel H. said...

What a fun place! It is so nice to get out, especially on beautiful days. And those can be it's best to take advantage!

Fun, fun, fun!!

Stephanie said...

I love all the pictures - girls and boys! I need to get outside and do some nice pics of Zaylee and Thomas sometime.

Abby Hiatt said...

Looks like such a beautiful place.

Farrell Family said...

What a beautiful park. The pictures are nice. I really like the picture in your blog header with all the boys on the's just missing one person! You should photoshop yourself in. It is a perfect family picture.

Kathy said...

Your park looks beautiful! And I love all your pictures, especially the one of the feet. The leisurely free times spent with family are usually the best. Looks like you had a wonderful day!