Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Fond Farewell

I said goodbye today to a friend. Always there when I wanted to brag, always there when I needed support. But I have outgrown this friend, and, sitting there dejectedly, my friend suggested that I say farewell. And so I released my friend.

My weight loss blog is no more.

I did not make this decision lightly. Seeing it there, on my dashboard, was not motivating anymore. It was more a feeling of failure, that I had nothing to post. And it was the opposite of a challenge to do better. It made me feel worse and worse that I had stopped. I haven't given up hope, but so many things are taking my energy and my focus right now that I don't have any left over for myself in that area.

It is all I can do to get my shower some days, let alone think about what I manage to get into my mouth. And the stress of the last couple of weeks has set off a mild depression, the house is sinking slowly back into it's former non-glory and dinner is later and later. Weight loss was one more thing demanding my time and energy. So, in the interest of my mental health, I am putting it on the backburner for now. But not for good, just until things calm down and I am able to take the time for me..,.


Nicia said...

I'm glad you took action in taking away more stresses in your life. I'm all for evaluating things and deciding if it's still a positive thing, or if it's becoming a negative one. Don't feel like a failure...just keep looking at the positive things...however small they may seem. DO IT! Right now! Think of 3 things. :) Hope your stresses lighten.

Stephanie said...

Totally understandable. And no one had been posting for quite a while anyway.

I know what you mean about the depression leading to house in total disarray. I'm just finally pulling myself out of one of those depressive phases, and my house reflects it. But while I was depressed, the mess in the apartment just grew, and led to even more depression. So yeah, try to take things easy, and avoid as many stressers as you can - you don't need anything else bringing you down. I'm here for you, and I think I know what you're going through.

Rachel H. said...

I agree with both comments...and I am glad you eliminated additional stresses. I have been thinking a lot baout that lately...and I think there are definitely some things I can cut out too.

Way to take the first step!

Kathy said...

You are doing the wise thing to elimiate stresses from your life, and I'd gotten out of the habit of posting on the blog anyway. I'm glad you are taking care of your inner self right now, and perhaps things ease up when school starts? In the meantime, buy some paper products for the kitchen (plates, silverware, cups, bowls) - that can help elimiate a huge stress and mess right off the bat. Hang in there!