Sunday, August 17, 2008

I wanna little girl!

I finally sifted through all the shots I took of my friend's girls and got them all edited and whatnot. She loved them! She framed a bunch of them right away, and is looking for frames for the others. Too funny... Having sunset lighting helped, otherwise I don't know that they would have turned out as nice. And thank heavens for Adobe Photoshop. (Thank you Adobe!) It is lots of fun to play around with.

Miss Becca Boo

Love My Sister

Miss Kitty Kat

Miss Bree

Miss Allie (Bree's best friend)

Aren't these girls just beautiful?! Allie's eyes are a georgous blue, so I left them that way. I had a lot of fun shooting, they are like doing my own kids. They are here so often they might as well be. :-) Thank you girls, for letting me arrange and pose you, for letting me snap 200 pictures (seriously, that many...) and having the sun in your eyes and everything!


Rachel H. said...

Cute pics!!

But I especially love the last one. So carefree and the perfect way to capture a child on a summer day!

Michelle said...

Thank you! :-) Miss Allie's is my favorite too. Although Cat and Becca together is a close second...