Saturday, August 30, 2008

Babysitting Again

Have I ever mentioned how much I do not like snakes?

Guess what... I don't like snakes!

Amanda left town again for the weekend. And guess what? Big suprise, I was asked to watch all the critters. I didn't used to mind when it was the two dogs that I had to let out a couple times a day. And the fish are easy enough. Then they got the cat. No problem, that just added one more water and food dish to check when I come over. And a little box to make sure didn't get too full. The baby snake just needed lights turned on and off when I let the dogs out and a water dish to fill. The next, one of the pythons, was the same. Lights and water. All of a sudden there were 7 more snakes. And a guinea pig. And a whole bunch of rats, they killed off some, and then one had babies so we are right back where we were.

This makes:
2 dogs to let out and check water and food.
1 cat to check water and food and a litter box.
1 guinea pig to feed, water and scoop litter.
10 rats in 2 cages to feed, water, and scoop litter.
1 baby snake to fill water dish and scoop litter.
4 pythons and boas, 4-6 feet long, to water and clean cages.
2 huge albino pythons, 9 & 11 feet, to water and clean cages.
Miss Python hisses.
Snake poop is gross.

I love her like a sister, but when I last asked her to watch pets, when I still had those rats, I came home to a smelly dirty cage, no food in their bowl, and no water in the bottle.

A little discrepancy there?

Maybe if I did the same, she would stop asking me all the time. But I just can't bring myself to do that to animals, no matter how much I don't like certain varieties and certain jobs.

gotta go let the dogs out again...


Stephanie said...

Oh so much fun! I am determined that we will have no more than one or two pets at a time (when we start getting pets) and they are most likely to be cats or fish. You know, something that isn't a snake or anything like that.

Good luck with caring for the critters again. May you keep the animals well and your sanity intact (relatively).

Kathy said...

Does someone REALLY have all those pets under one roof? Yikes - way too much for me! We have one dog, whom I love, but it is probably going to stay only one doge for a long time. You're a true friend!

Michelle said...

Yep. She let her husband get a snake, and it snowballed from there. (I think she was nuts to say yes to the first one, since she knows he has no impulse control...)

Her dining room/play room is now a reptile room. No way would I give up my dining area...!

CissaLynn said...

Oh my goodness! This post would be really funny if it wasn't true!!! :)) I can't help but laugh in one breath and feel soooo, sooooo bad for you in the other!!!! :)
I will say this: you are a GREAT friend!!!! She is very lucky!
Hang in there!