Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Day, Another Country!

I have this week's meal up and posted. Check it out here!

Update on my ID. A nice gentleman that lives on our street found my ID next to the street's mailbox. (Did I check the mail? I don't even remember...) Somehow he tracked down Mark's work number and left a message. Work called the ID card office and left a message with the guy's name and number. We called him and gave him our address, and he dropped it off after work yesterday. What a blessing, because the system was down at the ID card office, and they had no idea when it would be back online! We still can't figure out how he got Mark's work number. Do you know how many shops and offices there are on this base?

How ever he did it, we are very grateful for honest people that go out of their way for others.

Although, I half wished I could get a new one anyway. I looked a lot better yesterday than I did when I got the other one. ;-)

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Stephanie said...

Yay for getting your ID back - though I do understand wanting a better picture. I've had many ID cards and driver's licenses and student IDs and such with pictures I wished I could replace! :-)