Saturday, July 5, 2008

We're Back!

And we survived! Thankfully is wasn't as hot as we thought it would be. Friday got about 95, but there was a nice breeze and a lake for swimming. Saturday only got up to 87...\

We had a lot of fun. We decided (after lots of mind changing on Mark's part) to visit the Bruneau Sand Dunes about 30 minutes away. BIG sand dunes. We got to the campground about 2:oo and got everything set up. It is a fairly nice campground, numbered areas for tents and seperate spots for rv's, every section has it's own picnic tables. Ours had a shelter over it! We were able to grab a spot with shade for our tent, close to the men's side of the bathroom so we could watch the boys come and go.

Then it was time to beat the afternoon heat and head out to the lake!

William was exhausted and fell asleep in the car over there. So we tucked him in the stroller and parked him in the shade next to the shore. Poor thing hasn't had regular naps much this week. He enjoyed having one today when we got home.

Nathan played it safe and stayed close to shore. A family camping in the next spot over had 2 little boys, and they shared their water toys with him. He thought it was fun to crawl around in the water to his knees and "swim".

Oren was a little braver, and let Daddy walk him way out. The lake was pretty shallow, and you had to go out kind of far to get over Mark's head. You can see how far out they are and it is only to Mark's waist. But that is a little high for Oren, who doesn't swim, so Daddy carried him.

I have a really good zoom, this was while they were all the way out there. Oren was holding on for his dear little life! Later, Mark borrowed a floatie thing and he and Oren drifted (paddled) out to the other side of the lake. Mommy watched quite nervously the whole time.

William finally woke up and splashed in the water for a while with Mommy before climbing out and playing in the sand to dry off. Here is Daddy trying to convince him to come back in the water. William wasn't excited about the idea.

We didn't fry, and we used plenty of sunscreen so we didn't end up all red. The boys had a blast, I remembered how to get a fire started back up from warm coals into a nice blaze, we borrowed salt to cook our tinfoil dinners in our skillet since I forgot both the salt and the tinfoil, and we spent some nice family time together. We hit Mountain Home on the way back for smore's fixing, which we had forgotten to get before, and had a picnic lunch at a park in town. Let the kids run off some energy.

My house is a disaster, I haven't been home to clean it, just home long enough for the kids to make messes in between appointments and errands. But it was nice to spend some time as a family and enjoy our tent and make a big fire and squish around in the muddy lake bottom. All in all, a nice weekend!


Kevin said...

Looks like your whole family needs more time in the sun I almost needed my sunglasses!!

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad you guys didn't get all burnt to a crisp. We spent a lot of time outside today (will blog that tomorrow, it's too late tonight), and forgot sunscreen. So we're all red. But it sure was fun!

Glad your family had a nice time. That lake looks pretty cool.

Rachel H. said...

What a cool camping adventure!! It looks like it was a blast!!

Melinda said...

What fun! I loved the dunes there. And the lake's pretty cool, too. I miss camping now...

Michelle said...

Thanks Kevin.... That's why I am not in any of the pictures. And in our defense, it has been too hot to even set the kids outside with sprinklers going! :-)

Farrell Family said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun. The lake looks great.
Also, I love the pics of your boys in the backyard. It really is fun to sit back and watch them and realize how special each one is.