Sunday, July 6, 2008

My beautiful boys

I know every mom thinks their children are beautiful. I do. I love their sweet spirits and how their personalities differ from each other. I admire their patience with a sometimes grouchy mommy. I revel in their complete joy of something as simple as playing outside.

That's what we did today. Being a pleasantly warm afternoon I sent them outside to play. They were having so much fun, I wanted to try and capture it on film (okay, SD card, but hey....) I took lost of pictures, but these were my favorites of the afternoon.

Is there anything better than watching your children grow up? Oren amazes me with what he remembers and how fast he is learning. I can carry on actual conversations with him, and he is so observant about the world around him. Nathan is as easygoing as Oren is vivacious! He follows his brother willingly, although it often gets them both into trouble. He has such a sweet way about him, and I love how his top lip is crooked when he talks and smiles. And William? What a tiny bundle of energy! He pats our cheeks softly after accidently banging us with his head. He has started using more and more words, his current favorite being "help dadda" although I repeatedly emphasize the fact that I am Momma. I don't know if not-quite-two year olds can carry a tune normally, but that boy sings the alphabet song (the melody at least) like nobodies business!

I am so proud of my children and all that they are learning and doing. I only hope that I am worthy to be a mom to such amazing children!


Melinda said...

Thanks! I've been a grouchy Momma lately and I'm so glad to see that we're not all grumpy at once! What a beautiful tribute to adorable boys. Can't wait to see them...whenever/if I do!

Stephanie said...

You do have beautiful boys. They have so much energy and life. And I think you're doing a great job at being their mother.

Rachel H. said...

What a wonderful way to take advantage of the MOMENT and love them to pieces! They look like such adventurous boys so full of life!