Friday, July 11, 2008

Squeaky Clean!

Whew! All the hard work payed off. My house is clean! Except for my room/bathroom and the laundry room. I'll save those for next time I have energy.

Mom and Grandma and a couple of the kids came for lunch. That gave me all morning to finish all the little things I have been wanting to do. It felt really good to declutter our living space. Clutter stresses me out. I don't know how long the kids will help me keep it clean, but I am hoping for a few days at least. Nice and relaxing atmosphere, makes me want a nap.

I also finished my entryway last night. I blogged about the shelf I was doing in a tag a while back. I got that done and hung. Then I dug up a flower/ vine stencil I have had for a while and some red paint I had lying around from another project I never got done. The whole entryway is stenciled, it looks sort of like wall paper. Mark had no idea, so when he walked past to re-tuck in the boys, his eyes got all wide. We all like it. I'll take a picture and post it later. It makes me smile just to walk by!

I decided I might do some more painting. We are hoping to be in this house for a while, another baby is going to have to wait until things get straightened out with the kids and me and Mark has to be willing. (that could take a while...) Which means we will fit in this house for a while. Another baby would mean we qualify for a 4 bedroom and we would need the space. ALthough if push came to shove one of the bedrooms is big enough for a bunkbed and a toddler bed, or another twin bed. But either way, we don't want to move for a while. So why not paint some more? Maybe do a wall, just a single wall in the living room. One that's not too big, like by my backdoor or something. I just have to prime the walls I paint before we go so the maintanence guys only have to do one coat over that. No big deal. My bathroom got painted a dark olive green about 2 seconds after we moved in, now I have the stencils, and I'm itching to do more! We had lots going on the last couple years with other projects but I should have more time now that the kids are a little older.

I think I will relax and curl up with a book. Maybe reread a Harry Potter or something. All the housework is done, except for laundry, but I think I deserve a nice break. And an Oreo or two!


Rachel H. said...

I ALWAYS FEEL SO, I rarely feel like I could just go curl up. Always something nagging me...edit pics, blog, fix this, do that...clean this...

So, YEAH for your free time. You deserve it!!

Stephanie said...

Good job getting your house clean and your entryway painted. I bet it looks great!

I need to do some decluttering too. But that entails work, doesn't it? Phooey.

Nathan and Esther Manwaring said...

Way to go for a clean house! I am working on that too. We really need to make room for our little baby. (only 4 weeks to go). We'd better hurry.

Kathy said...

A clean house always feels so good - my bathroom and bedroom are always the last to get cleaned too. Why is that??? Enjoy your book!