Sunday, July 20, 2008

My little rant and rave...

Okay, I am sorry to subject you guys to this, but I just need to have a little rant about a situation that keeps making me madder and madder. If I get this out now, I won't yell so much at the poor person on the other end of the phone when I call them tomorrow.

I have a beef with the housing maintenance office. There was a huge windstorm two months ago that blew down our fence, and tore the shingles off roofs, and some sideing as well. We called in to report our fence was partially blown over when it happened. They told us there was too much damage for them to handle, too many houses to fix, so they were contracting out the repairs. Fine, we had no problem with that.

A month and a half later, it was still somwhat blown over. It was rubbing against our tree, which coincidently, was the only thing holding the doggone thing up! Mark got tired of the fence rubbing our tree and threatening to blow completely over and squashing our bushes and flowers. So this is what our fence looks like now...

These are the nails sticking strait up for little hands to scrape on or little feet to possible step on.

This is the post that is now unusable and will need to be totally replaced. These were not cemented in and are hollow. We are on the outer edge and get the full brunt of any winds that blow over the prairie.

This is the board Mark had to screw over the splintered middle of a cross support before it completely snapped. Huge sharp wood edges just waiting to hurt someone.

After Mark pulled the fence down to prevent further damage to the property, we called our fence in again. That was nearly two weeks ago! Housing maintenance has 24 hours for an emergency like your heater or AC is out. Or you have no water period, or there is something like a gas leak. Anything that would severely damage property or people. Or a clogged toilet. Then they have 48 hours to respond to something like no hot water, or other things that would be considered urgent, but not imediately people or property damaging. 3-5 days is how long they have to respond to non-urgent items: light switch not working, drawer busted, door not shutting properly or the handle breaks. A fence blown completely over is 48 hours. A fence leaning but still technically attached would be 3-5 days.

NOT 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!

At what point do I need to go down and physically get in their face and demand that it be fixed? How long should I continue to report it before lodging a formal complaint?

So tomorrow I am calling for the 3rd time, reporting it again, and letting them know that I EXPECT it to be done by the end of the business week. Not looked at, DONE. STANDING and ALL BOARDS IN PLACE. Or I will be lodging a formal complaint with the housing office, and anyone else I can think of to lodge one with. Along with a request that an investigation be done to see why it took so ridiculously long to get done. Every other time we have had to report our fence we were called within a few days and an appointment set up for them to survey the damage and then come back with the materials. It's their own fault that it will take a lot more work to fix now than it would if they had come right out!


Well, I feel a tiny bit better. I am suprised all my keys still work as I was banging them pretty hard. Thanks for letting me rant, I really don't want to yell and scream at them tomorrow. Just calmly inform them of the situation and consequences. Let them know politely that I am NOT HAPPY, without putting them on the offensive and making the situation worse.

(deep breath)

I'll write a happy post later today, I promise.

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Stephanie said...

I hope you're able to get your fence fixed. It can be so irritating to work with maintenance people! I'm sure they do the best they can (our maintenance is done by the manager, and he's the only one that does it, so he's WAY busy!), but that's little consolation when you're sitting there waiting for something to get fixed because it's making your life miserable!