Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy time!

See, as promised, a post in a better mood. My keyboard and I had a talk, and it forgave me for hitting is so hard before. My computer screen didn't notice I was glaring, so no harm done there...

My quilt top.... hmmmm. Well, I only have two rows of 5 squares left to do. It was supposed to be 6 wide and 9 long. I got 6 wide and 4 long and held it up. WOW! I turned it on it's side and it almost covered the bed just as it was! So I decided to keep it turned sideways and add one row to the side to make 5 squares across, and two rows of 5 squares on the new bottom to make it 8 rows long. That way it is long enough to tuck in but not so long to drag on the floor on the end, and the sides hang over, but again, not to the floor.

I am so close, just 10 squares to go! And they are all cut out and stacked together in the order for the pattern.

More happy stuff: My squash has nice big flowers on it I discovered today. My echinacea plants in the front garden had seed heads last year and I scattered them in the bark just for kicks when they dried up. Now I have tiny echinacea seedling popping up everywhere! It's a good thing I like that type of flower. There are others seedlings coming up in one of my flower barrels, but I really have no idea what they are, just that they aren't weeds...

My house has stayed clean for over a week. Sweeping, vacumming, mopping, cleaning toys, dishes, laundry, my bed made, bathrooms not as bad as usual. I am not quite sure how I am doing what has eluded me for years, but I am excited. I always love to walk into houses where you can tell they keep it clean. I always wanted to have one of those. This week there has been no embarassment when the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door because the house is in order, no last minute stuffing things in closets required. There are still some things that need cleaned or decluttered, but I am working on the quilt at the moment, so they will wait a bit.

The point is that it is do-able. It's not just perfect little obsessively anal moms who can pull this off. I can too! :-)

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Stephanie said...

We finally were able to harvest two tiny squash fruits from our plant. We realized that the squash has been getting to a certain (small) size, then it just kind of stops growing and starts shriveling. We've lost several little squashes so far. But I decided that, if it's going to stay small, then we'll just eat it small. So I picked the two that were on the plant, and sauteed them with carrots for lunch. It was just enough for Zaylee and I. Hope your squash plant does well.

And way to go on keeping your house nice! I need to get mine there first (again) and then work really hard at keeping it that way.