Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love Joanns!

Seriously, thank you to whoever decided to create that fabric store! I wandered around for a while looking at every single dark blue fabric they had, with my little fabric scrap, holding it up against each one to compare. Every aisle. I finally lucked out in the quilter's solids sections. They had a dark navy blue that was pretty darn close. There was a minute difference, mine looked a tad lighter, like it was a little faded. The other blue didn't have exactly the same texture, but it was almost as heavy as mine. So that went in the cart, and I was happy. In that same little section there were a couple shades of white, and I able to find a white that matched my other as well. Because the new blue and old blue will not touch, be side by side, in the quilt the minute difference won't be noticed. And the dark, golden yellow I found to border the whole quilt will pull the eye as well. So all will be well.

I was able to get some cake decorating stuff for Marie's birthday which was last week, she loved it! A decorating book with just about all the info she will ever need. And some new tips and a case to keep them in.

And Thomas absolutely loved the dump truck we gave him. Back and forth. Back and forth. I saw it in the store and it just about jumped off the shelf and into my cart and said "Buy me, please! I want to go play with your nephew!" Well, what else could I do but oblige the lonely little dump truck. Most of it's friends were already gone, and I just felt sorry for the poor thing. Thomas and the dump truck seem to have hit it off already.

It was nice to sit and enjoy my family for a while. Mark was on call for work and couldn't come with us. It was a very boring, quiet day for him here at home, he said. I missed him, partly because I don't get to see him much during the week, and partly because I could have used an extra pair of hands keeping children contained in the various stores. *wink*

You know when you visit somewhere, it never fails that you leave at least one thing? Or is that just me...? I was being so careful to make sure I had everything, and was about to walk out the door when Janelle noticed the bag on the counter. It had all the quilt stuff I had just bought, plus all the square cutouts for the next row I need to sew! Thank you, Janelle! That would be a bad thing to leave. And then after I gave Mom a hug goodbye, she gave a little yelp and said I still needed the frame thing. Ha ha, that was one of the reasons I had gone up there in the first place! And I was about to drive off without it! Thank you, Mom, for having a working brain, because mine was out of order tonight.

I am pretty sure that I brought everything home with me, although it was a close call. The boys had a lot of fun, I ate some amazing peanut butter frosting, courtesy of Stephanie. Thomas gave lots of cute poses for pictures, including literally diving in face first into his cake. I am sure Steph will post pictures of that tomorrow. Hilarious!

And I will have to take a picture of the quilt thus far, and update pics as I get it finished. I think it would be fun to make more quilts, and I would love to get a small frame like Mom's, but her's is about $70. *gasp* It snaps together, with small pieces to hold the quilt onto it. You can only quilt about 3 square feet at a time, but that's fine with me! Takes up less space in the living room! Mom might not get it back... :-)

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Stephanie said...

Yeah, I posted about the party on my regular blog, and the cake on my food blog. Thanks so much for the truck, and for all the clothes. Thomas wore the shirt you made today in church, along with the sandals, and one of the pairs of shorts from Mom. He was so adorable! It's kind of cool, but those sandals from you totally match the shorts from Mom. Jeff put it great, "It's not just shorts and sandals, it's an outfit!"

The quilt for Nathan is going to be so cute! Those little squares looked so neat, and it will be even neater when it's all put together. That little guy has one talented Momma!