Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My own little nap

I wholey agree with Rachel's post about her Sunday nap. Mark, for reasons known only to himself, chose to let me zonk out for nearly 2 hours this afternoon. I am not even sure why I laid down on the bed in the first place, but I awoke 2 hours later a tad disoriented, and slightly worried what he'd done to the children to get them to leave me alone for the whole time. That was mostly because our bedroom door was open and they have a tendency to go in there and play when we aren't looking.

It is now 12:20 am, and my eyes are finally getting tired. I should have been in bed hours ago! Mark did. I didn't even get anything done, just sat and watched a movie on the computer, with headphones as to not disturb anyone.

I did get 4 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away, with another load to be folded, one to be put away, and Mark's uniform to be pulled out of the dryer and hung.

My house needs to be ready by Friday. Mom and Grandma Danes are coming down to pick up Grandma's meds and they like to stop in and have a quick lunch. And of course, due to my insane appointment schedule and the need to run errands all day leaving me too tired to clean up the messes in the short bursts of time I was home, even though the boys were trashing the place, my house is a Disaster! We have been eating off paperware for the last several days. Going camping didn't help either, between the chaos of packing and then returning home.... The car isn't even unloaded.

What an awful housewife I am. If only people really knew. (It doesn't help people only show up when it's a mess.... of course)

But because I had such a long nap today, and am therefore up so late tonight, I will be super tired tomorrow. My children will wake at the same time they always do, and I will be exhausted. It's going to be a long day, we have errands and therapy in town tomorrow.

Actually, I just remembered we are feeding the missionaries Thursday. Great, one less day to get ready... But I don't mind feeding them, hearing all kinds of stories, watching people genuinely enjoy their food. (cooking for others is one of my favorite things to do, the more people over for a meal, the better!)

I think I will go toss and turn for a bit and maybe, just maybe, I can get to sleep.



Melinda said...

Good luck getting some sleep and getting your house clean the next two days...maybe if I had some incentive like that I'd clean to. I'm sure you're not the only terrible housekeeper...cuz I know I'm right in there with you. We just don't have any paperware so I end up getting creative with containers and serving spoons!

Rachel H. said...

DARN! Does that stink?

I hope you wake up a little refreshed....magic sleeping? Maybe...you never know. :)

Did you ever get my message?

Farrell Family said...

I think we're all in the same boat with the housekeeping thing. My family's coming tomorrow and my house is pretty bad too. It just never ends.
Good luck!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I hope your day today hasn't been too sleepy! I'm a bad housekeeper too. I keep trying, but it just keeps getting messy again!