Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm still here.

But man am I tired. Mark's uniform has to be taken out and hung up or it will wrinkle. It's a new kind, designed to be "wash and wear" with a perma crease in the leg and arm, so you don't have to iron it, but it will wrinkle if left to sit in the dryer. I just want to go to sleep!

It's my own fault I am so tired. I got some Anne McCafferey's Pern books at the library, and wanted to finish them. That's probably partly why my house looks the way it does... Hmm...

Not much happened this week. I went and cleaned lots of snake cages. K called Amanda, who wasn't going to answer, but her helpful children picked up the phone for her. Amanda is still pretty mad which is why she didn't want to answer, so she wouldn't say something she'd regret. K tried to play dumb blonde (sorry to all the blondes out there, but she really is...) about miscommunication. Ha, not listening is more like it. So we still stand at K not being allowed in Amanda's home since it is locked and I have the key and it is what Amanda requested. K thinks I am not speaking to her because I was "rude" ( not true, I just told her the facts and didn't play nicey-nice. I could have been worse but held my temper) when I told her why the house was locked. She saw me in the library, gave me a look, and turned around and walked off. No, I am not going to chase her around the library with three already anxious boys who have been looking forward to the kid section all day. I nodded my head in greeting and got pulled away! Whatever.

I thought all this "melodrama" was supposed to go away after high school. Seriously! We are all adults here! I like K, she's just not someone I would call in an emergency. I don't hang out with her anyway! This is just ridiculous though... drama queen-ish and too high school for me.

We actually made it to church today. Mark had an early meeting I didn't know about until he was kissing me good bye nice and early. So I had all three kids to wake up and get ready. They were very tired and moved like molasses this morning. We were a 1/2 hour late to church, I felt a little bad. But that was as fast as I could get them to move, so I think I did pretty good. Everyone had breakfast, matching socks and shoes, something besides jeans and a t-shirt on , and I was actually wearing makeup. The diaper bag, my relief society bag, and the church entertainment bag were all packed with all I needed, minus chalk which I ended up borrowing. The kids took it out of the bag, and I didn't know. Yep, a pretty good job.

I cooked this weekend. Actual food! I attempted a garlic sauce for pizza Friday night. Not bad, but I am looking for something a little less floury, and a lot more garlicky. Maybe cornstarch to thicken and more white wine? Saturday was Salsa Verde burgers. They would have been better on buns instead of sandwhich bread, but they were very juicy! And baked flounder today. Yum! One of my new favorites. My family likes fish, but they ate this up quick, and then asked why I didn't make more of it! :-) Awesome! I will be posting recipes later, I really need to get to bed. The uniform has only a few minutes left.

The kids and I are going to tackle the house. Oren requested a special packet of wonder-paper, and the crayola markers that draw on it. I bought it, and told him that he is going to do chores to earn it. 25 cents a chore. Like, wash a window, earn 25 cents towards your new thingy. He is so excited! So tomorrow I am going to sit with him and decide what kind of chores he can do and make him a little check off chart. He loves lists and charts, just like his Momma. Plus, stuff will get done! Nathan will help too, he likes to do what Oren is doing. So hopefully the house will be a little cleaner. Or, at least it will smell like cleaners!


CissaLynn said...

Hi there! I am going to tackle my house a bit today as well. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start (I usually start w/the kitchen). :)) I have things I have my boys help w/, but they HATE to clean! My sister had her two step-daughters help her clean all the time and they would get things straightened pretty quickly! Not soooo lucky here. I think it is a "boy" thing! My two boys do help, but it isn't the same as w/the girls. It is almost easier just to do it myself. I really have to stop and let (well, make) them do it! lol!!!! When they grow up and get married, I might have lots of apologizing to do to their wives! :)) lololol!!!!! :))

Oh, and I would love those new uniforms Mark has!!!! I HATE ironing!!! :)
Have a good week!!!!!

CissaLynn said...

Oh, I also wanted to tell you, your hair looks GREAT!!! :)) I had noticed your new blog pic, but didn't realize you had cut your hair till I read about it! I bet it feels good, too! :)

Rachel H. said...

It's amazing how much drama carries on into adulthood...isn't it? It is tough--

I hope things smooth over...

On the other hand, sounds like a weekend of great food! YUM! Am gonna have to check out your recipe blog to see what else is cookin'!

Annette said...

Did I miss something about K and Amanda? I read the blog all the time but I didn't see anything abut this. What happened that Amanda was so mad? Why did she have to lock the door? Does K just walk in or something?
good for you to tackle the house. I did that Saturday and it always feels good to have it done.

Michelle said...

Aunt Annette,

K was supposed to take care of Amanda's 7 snakes while she is on vacation. I have the other critters. But K thought it would be fine to let them sit for several days without cleaning, and that can make them sick. It is a long story, one of my posts has "snake sitting" in the title, with all the details. She does just walk in though, and lets her kids trash the house.

Farrell Family said...

All the food sounds so yummy. You always have good stuff going cooking over there.
Good luck with the house. Ours needs quite a bit of attention too...but my kids aren't old enough to really help yet.

Stephanie said...

Too bad about all the drama and cattiness. What some people don't understand is that "polite" doesn't always equate with "nice." And just because something is unpleasant to hear, it's not necessarily "rude." You can say something in a polite way, but if it was something they didn't want to hear in the first place, they still hear it as being rude. That's just their problem, I guess. I don't think you're at fault in this at all.

Your recipes all look great. I'm really interested in coming up with a garlic pizza sauce too. Something like what they do at Papa Murphy's - that's a good sauce! If you come up with something, let me know!