Friday, June 20, 2008

Not a Bug-Free Zone

The boys and I have been a little stir-crazy this week. We really don't have any sort of routine at all. I remembered that I had a prescription that was filled last week at Walmart that needed picked up, so I packed up the boys and headed out.

Our library doesn't open until 11. How sad is that? We got there at 10:30, unloaded everyone, held hands down the sidewalk, and had to turn around and get back in the van. My kids didn't like that one bit. I promised we would go back after we got done in town.

Normally a drive to town takes about 20 minutes. Then they started working on the main gate and rerouted traffic out the back gate. Now it takes 30 minutes, if you don't go during rush hour. Today it took nearly an hour. They are graveling about 7 miles of road, so you have to drive 35 instead of 65. And a good 1/2 mile was one way traffic because they were doing something with black sticky stuff. That was not fun. They had finished whatever they were doing so it didn't take nearly as long getting home, it was 2-way again.

Our library doesn't have the best kids section. A couple big bookcases for younger kids, and another couple for bigger ones. A couple tables and some computers. But the kids were so excited to get to pick out some books that they didn't really care. And William likes to sit at tables (usually on the kitchen table. Notice, ON, not AT) So he enjoyed himself. As we were leaving to check out our book, I saw a sign on top of some shelves advertising their summer reading program. End of June through the end of August, 2 months. One day a week the kids come to listed to a book about bugs and then do a craft. We signed up the for 2-6 year session. William will just chill in the stroller, since he just misses the cutoff, he's not 2 until Oct.

I signed up for that pretty fast, I'll tell you what! Something to do! Yay, a scheduled activity! Now, what do I do with them for the rest of the week? I need to sit down and plan activities, like a zoo day, and a day to go to the kids science museum thingy they have somewhere near the zoo. Maybe a picnic in the backyard day... Like, one special thing a week, because gas is expensive! We all do best when we have a routine, and maybe that will help me get through the summer...


Stephanie said...

The reading program sounds fun. It's good to get kids involved in stuff like that (though I'm one to talk, I still haven't even been to the library here in town).

Annette said...

Well, Mountain Home is not exactly the most "happening" place. At least the library should be cool and the boys will be occupied.

Annette said...

I am trying your pork chops tomorrow. I think I will try the bread today. Wish me luck!

Have you looked at some of Rachel's ideas for book projects? Your kids would love them. Abby does some of them with the babysitting kids and they love them too.

Melinda said...

Yeah for libraries! Evie loves to go. When we pass it with out going in, she looks at me (I swear it's sternly) and says 'why-wee, dook' (library, book) and expects me to turn and take her there. Glad you get to go enjoy it!