Monday, June 23, 2008

A new member of the family!

The doorbell rings. Kids thunder down the hall. Who could that be? Someone to play? No. Mommy picks up the plain, brown envelope and opens the seal. Children like mail, and gather round. She pulls out a green box and turns it over. It's......

our newest Veggie Tales Movie!

The kids really like Veggie Tales, and it's one of the few things I will let them watch on a Sunday. We have a sadly small collection, just a few videos, and I decided to get a new friend for the ones we already own. Suprise, kids!

Oren and Nathan immediately clamored to watch it and I, wanting peace and quiet, agreed. They sat on the couch quietly absorbed for not one, but two whole viewings.

We should be getting an Elmo's World collection tomorrow for William, who loves Elmo. I am hoping for the same enthralled, sit and watch it quietly, that I got today.

(In justification of my TV babysitting: the TV didn't even get turned on yesterday, and this morning we watched an hour of news. So they deserved it. After the second time, it got turned off and they went outside. I got some recipes chosen for our "around the world" tour during this time- see my food blog for more details!)


Karen said...

I think it's great when the kids will sit quiet for a whole film...but twice?! That's awesome!

Stephanie said...

I love the Minnesota Cuke one - it's so cute! We need to expand our VeggieTales selection as well. And judging by how much Zaylee absolutely loves the Elmo video we checked out at the library, a few Elmo's World videos wouldn't hurt our collection either.

Esther and Nathan Manwaring said...

That is so fun. I have only seen one Veggie Tales movie, but I don't have kids yet to really get into the kids movies yet. I do know what Elmo is! How neat to get surprises for your kids. I bet it makes their day.

Rachel H. said...

We are VEGGIE TALE fans here! What a fun surprise! You are a nice mom---we save all gift-like surprises for birthdays! :)

Bet my kids wish you were there mom!

Michelle said...

It's more in self defense. We don't get pbs or disney or anything on tv and Mommy gets tired of the same videos over and over. They are happy, and Mommy's ears get a break! Plus, I love Veggie Tales and Elmo, so they are for me too. :-)