Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Productive at least.

Today was not a fun or exciting day. I got no more scrapbooking done. But I did get my house swept, and several batches of dishes done. Hurray! Mark was so excited that I was sweeping, until I told him it was because people were coming at the end of the week. He thought I was doing it for him. But he felt better when I made a batch of peanut butter cookies for him, they are almost gone already!

Last night was our enrichment meeting. I was chatting with a friend during refreshments, when a new sister came and asked if she could sit with us. Wow, what guts! Of course she can come chat with us, I'll talk to anyone! (ask my husband, it drives him nuts) She seems like a sweetie, has two small children under 3 and has been here a month, just doesn't come to church often. We three exchanged names and numbers and had a blast. I have been meaning to have my friend over to do some scrapbooking/hanging out, and so we set up to do that Friday. While I was at it, I invited the new lady to come too, and made sure she knew it wasn't just because she was standing there while we were talking about it. I love getting to know new people. Now I need to make sure my house is in order, because they may be bringing their little ones. I hope they don't make excuses and not come, because my friend really needs to get some adult social time not at work, she's active duty Air Force, and I would love to see the new girl get out and socialize with church people and maybe start coming more often.

I am so grateful to the Lord for blessing me with the ability to be outgoing. Mom always told me that Steph and I were blessed with different talents, she is better at so many things than I am: creative cooking, music, crocheting, being patient... But that is the one thing that has always come easier for me, being outgoing, people seem less shy around me too. It is interesting the things you observe about yourself as you get older. I still wouldn't mind having Steph's crocheting thingy..... :-)


Rachel H. said...

And you DO have that talent! It is nice that we can all compliment each other! I hope your weekend turns out SO FUN!

Melinda said...

It's great to get together with other women. Hope you enjoy scrapping tomorrow.

And your out-going-ness really comes out in your blog too. I don't feel like I know you exceptionally well, but I do get that feeling from your blog.

Stephanie said...

Well, once you get the other side of your carpal tunnel fixed, maybe I could show you some stuff with crochet, I bet you'd pick it up real quick! You're so sweet to say all those nice things about me! Even so, I've always wanted your talent of outgoingness, 'cuz being shy is really hard!

Anyway, have a great time with your scrapbooking get-together, I wish I could come too!

Kathy said...

That's such a great quality - being outgoing and able to talk easily with people. Definitely something I wish I had more of. If you lived closer, I'd come scrapbook with you!

CissaLynn said...

Being outgoing is definantly a blessing b/c so many people truly suffer from being shy! That is so sweet that you made sure to pay attention to the new girl! I hope she comes scrapbooking 'cause that really sounds like fun!!! :))

Btw, I really liked your "waterpark" cake!!! It was soooo cool!
Have a nice weekend and scrapping night, too!!!! :))