Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love a good haul!

I was on my out to the car today to grab Oren from school, when Amanda pulled up in her car and said "Hop in!" She took me to pick up Oren and then informed me that the base thrift store was open, as was the Airman's attic (like a thrift store but free for enlisted families). So we went shopping! I was wanting stuff for Oren for next fall, and some summer things for William. And guess what! I found them!

Would you believe that I got all this for less than $20? Two of the sweaters were on clearance for 67 cents! So I got two, one for William this winter and one for my nephew Thomas. (Suprise Steph!) They were too cute. I got several pairs of jeans for between $1 to $2.50, lots of summer things for William for 25 cents, a few shirts for $1. That was at the thrift store. There was several name brand (abercrombie and fitch, ralph lauren...) sweaters and hoodies for Oren next school year for free from the Airman's attic. It always amazes me what officer's wives will buy and then get rid of. And Amanda had already grabbed a bag worth of clothes for me earlier, so there is even more than what I show here. I'll keep tabs on what I have for Oren next year so I know what to look for this summer. Yard Sales, here I come!

The white dishes were free, and I paid 50 cents for the plate. These are going to be some of my display dishes for my food blog. Cheap is great, free is even better! I love the square plates. This is going to be fun to play with...

I went through the boys' clothes while folding today and pulled out the ones that are too small. Also the ones that I don't like or are too ratty. Some will be made into rags and some donated back to the Airman's attic for someone else.

I did end up rescheduling my dentist visit. I just did not feel like having my mouth tortured today. And it's a good thing I was home, or I would have went to the store later and paid full price for all this stuff, which is just a dumb thing to do. Mark was impressed with my haul, I got to "shop" with a friend, and Oren got to hang out with Mommy for a while without his brothers around. Not a bad day!


Farrell Family said...

I always love a good deal too. It looks like you got a lot of great stuff. Yeah!

Karen said...

Great deals! Your kids will look awesome at a fraction of the cost:)

Stephanie said...

Wow, thanks! Heehee!!

I like your dishes! That bowl looks like the one I have that I used for the chili a while back. And I've been keeping an eye out for square or rectangle dishes - great for Oriental food! And you got found them on your first try! Good job. And great job on getting so much clothes for so little cost.

Calista said...

Sounds like a great time! I need to start looking in earnest for something like that around me... Supposedly, yard sale season is starting already, so maybe that will yield something for my kids for the summer :)