Thursday, April 17, 2008

ammendment to: Disgusting

I probably should gave pointed out that the said toilet had been plugged for over a week awaiting Mark to do "something" with it. And that you can only call maintenance so many times to come fix your toilet before they start charging you if it is something like your kids flushing toys down. Due to neglect to watch your kids or something like that. We are nearing our limit on that and have no desire to pay for the fix-it guys to come out. That's why I tackled the thing, I was sick of having a clogged toilet-the kids have trashed my bathroom since they have had to use that one instead- so I did it myself.


Rachel H. said...

That WAS a nasty post--and that's HILARIOUS you are near your limit! :) We have never had a problem with toys down the comode...though, I am sure that now that I SAY that, it will happen!

Karen said...

Ouch!! You did wht you had to do. Way to go girl!

Stephanie said...

Well, I'm glad you got the problem fixed. Good luck on keeping it that way for a nice long time.