Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What a day!

May I just say that I love getting a good deal? I went to boise today with a friend, and she suggested we stop by the outlet mall and see if there was anything good on clearance. Now, Oren is needing a few things like pajamas, he's growing like a weed. So it sounded like a great idea. First stop was OshKosh. I got a couple of things, a pair of churchy shorts, a shirt, and a pair of sweats... I saved over $40! Yahoo! Then we dropped by Carter's. I love Carter's clothing. It is all great quality, I have never had a problem with their clothes, and I don't mind that they tend to run a little big. That just means the kids have more time to wear them before growing too big. And what did they happen to have on sale for 70% off? The pajamas I needed! So I got a size 7, even though he is more of a 6 and he will just swim in them for a while. He is growing tall very quickly. And that's good because I will need his size 5's for Nathan as soon as possible. How is it that my 3 year old almost fits a 5? I also got a cute little outfit for William because it was 60% off and I couldn't resist. They had the cutest little finger puppets at the register, 2 for $5, so I grabbed 2 pairs, one for each boy. A crab and an octopus, and a rooster and a pig. These are going in my Sunday bag to help amuse at church. Cute stuff!

I also had a very productive trip to Costco. I was keeping a running total in my head of what I was getting. Since I was using her membership I had to pay either cash or debit card. I had plenty (I thought) of cash and my debit card went missing in Rigby, so I am awaiting a new one. After getting the meats I needed (I am now well stocked on chicken breasts, ground beef, pork chops, and pork roasts) I grabbed some wet wipes since I was down to the last 2 packs from my last box. On our way up to the register, I say a box of fruit snacks. Out of curiousity I checked the label, and it had no artificial colors or flavors! You see, we have to keep Oren on a strict "no artificial colors and limited artificial flavors" diet to help control his ADHD, and normal fruit snacks are loaded with red food dye, the worst culprit. This was the first I had found that wasn't. They are basically fruit juice, sugar, and gelatin. Not bad! So I grabbed a box of these for my poor children who have been denied fruit snacks for over 6 months. We made it to the register and she rang up my stuff. The total was higher than I thought, with the fruit snacks. Oh no! I only had so much cash, and needed some for lunch too. What to do? It was a little embarassing, but luckily, my friend considers herself my sister, and stepped in. She grabbed the cash out of my hand, and swiped her own debit card. Then she stuck her tongue out at me! Goose... The total was just over what I had, by about a dollar, so I owe her that and a little for lunch too, but what is nice about her and I is that in a few days I will probably do something like that for her and we'll be even. Neither of us nitpick pennies, we just do things for each other and it all comes out pretty even. And if nothing to retaliate with comes up, we just kidnap the other's children for a couple hours and leave the other one with a quiet house. What a friend! But I am now stocked up on meats for a few months, and have wipes for another 2-3.

I know the picture of the day is a scary one of the boys' room, but don't worry. They cleaned it up before they got to go to bed. Vaccumed and everything. And my living room got cleaned too! By the same troublemakers! There are days I love being the mommy... My friend did my dishes in return for my hosting all 6 kids and cooking dinner for both families. (We do this a lot...)

And to top off the day, Mark succesfully got everyone to and from school on time and with their correct backpacks! A major accomplishment! And I discovered why William has been so cranky the last few days. He has been pushing out one of his canine teeth. Those hurt. I am supposed to go to the dentist tomorrow for Nathan and I, but I haven't hardly seen Mark and I was really stressed out by bedtime, so I am going to reschedule tomorrow. I feel like I just need to stay home. Especially with William getting fussy. He tends to get his teeth in 2's. Plus I have about 12 loads of laundry to fold and some to get washed too. Busy Busy Busy!


Melinda said...

I love days like that! Get so much done and feel like your sanity is still in tact at the end of it. Wow! And what a wonderful friend. Sounds like you both do a lot of trading favors back and forth. Loved the picture of the boys' room, by the way!

Stephanie said...

Good job on getting so well stocked up. That's always a great feeling. It really is neat that you have such a close friend. I had friends like that in Rexburg, but haven't found any close friends here yet. I'm glad you have! And Good job on getting the boys to clean up. That's also a great feeling!!!!

Calista said...

I think my favorite kind of day is the productive kind :) I can kind of handle tantrums and the occasional derailing if I feel like I've gotten something done. And way to go on your good deals! I am going to have to start looking for 3T clothes for Madison really soon, and my pocket book isn't looking forward to that.