Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hubby's birthday present!

Okay, I know his b-day isn't until the 1st of May, but I started to plan his present early. He has had a lot of stress at work, and been really busy. He needs some time to relax and be pampered a little. And I love any excuse to go on a date with my sweetheart, time truly alone with each other is hard to come by with three little ones.

I did some digging and found that Anniversary Inn, the place with all those theme suits like jungle and ocean and whatnot, does military discounts. The one in Boise does anyway. I called my sister Marie and asked if she would babysit the kids for us overnight, a paying job of course, and she agreed. Awesome!

Mark has a total of 56 days of leave he has built up (I know, isn't Military great!), some of which he has to use soon or he will lose it, so he is going to take 2 weeks off for his birthday. That's a long time to me, but it will be really nice to have some help and to spend some time with him. And that means we can really enjoy our stay at the hotel. So I called the hotel and booked our reservation. I know it's a lot to spend on a birthday, but he is an awesome guy and he totally deserves it. And it's not totally selfless of me, I get something out of it. They contract with a local spa, who send masseuses to the hotel and do massages. So I booked a suprise massage! We each get one hour, they send two ladies so we have them at the same time. He has never had one before, except by me. I will leave that a suprise!

So I know this isn't until next month, and we still have a couple of weeks till then, but I am just so excited! We haven't been to a hotel sans children since our honeymoon, and haven't been to a nice restaurant without children in over a year. And I don't have to worry about the kids. Marie is awesome with the boys, really fun and has lots of energy, and my mom is there to provide help if she needs it. They will be well taken care of and they do really well there. I am so grateful we live near family, and can spend time with them frequently. We will be doing dinner there Saturday night, hang out for a while. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


Stephanie said...

Wow, that sounds so great!!! I should try to think of something like that for Jeff for special occasions, but sometimes I just don't have that kind of creativity. Sounds like you're going to have a great time. Enjoy that massage, you deserve it!

Michelle said...

The thought just occured to me that Mother's Day is right at that time too. I guess I am giving myself a massage for Mother's Day! I gave myself a recliner for Mother's Day when pregnant with Oren. Hmmm... I sense a trend. Steph, you are super creative! I didn't crochet a bag for my camera. I went and bought one. And your food pics are much better.

Rachel H. said...

That sounds SO fun! I hope he doesn't read your blog and find out all your surprises!!!

We used to stay in a theme room about twice a year--we LOVED it. It's hard now to not be close to family and be able to do that anymore.


Michelle said...

Nah, he doesn't read the blog. So I'm safe!

Farrell Family said...

I don't think of a hotel as a's a sanity saver. I hope you guys have fun. We're doing that exact same thing this weekend(graduation present from Jon's parents) and I am SO excited. I hope you guys enjoy your little trip and Mark's time off.

Calista said...

Ha ha! I could put a secret from Steve on the blog and he'd never find out because he doesn't ever have time (or desire) to read it :) I think that sounds like a great birthday gift! The last time we had a hotel sans kids was almost a year ago (the job interview here), and we go about 6-mos to a year in between restaurant dinners without kids, so Anniversary Inn with massage and dinner out sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

Melinda said...

That sounds awesome!! I'm totally jealous, but, hey, I have some time before I'm stressed with three kids and really NEED that kind of a weekend. (Not that two isn't enought...)

Oh, and I could NEVER get away with blogging a secret from Aaron. He randomly goes in and reads what he's missed of the girls' lives, so he'd catch that in an instant.

Hope you have tons of fun!