Friday, February 29, 2008

I've been tagged!

Okay, this should be a neat little one, at least it isn't 50 questions this time. Hmm, 5 of my favorite things....

1. My George Forman grill we got for free a few weeks ago, it get's used almost every day. I love how it cooks very quickly, and I can just do a piece of chicken really quick on it for lunch to go in my salad, and then it wipes clean pretty easy. The fat really does drip off!

2. My piano. Even though I don't get as much oppertunity to sit and play for long periods of time, I like knowing that I have a wonderful instrument that will last me until I die (or until the air force drops it in a move...) and that I can pass on to my children when I am gone. It is the first big-ticket thing Mark and I have ever purchased brand new. I love leaving a musical heritage to my children and hearing Oren play on it is wonderful, if a bit noisy at times.

3. My family. They can be quite the handful at times, and the different issues my children face feel like trials I can't deal with sometimes, but they all love me unconditionally. Mark is a wonderful husband when the Air Force lets him be home, and the boys love him to death. He has no problem being a human jungle gym. Oren is a sweetheart who will never stop being curious and asking questions. Nathan looks just like his daddy and has a lot the same personality. William is a whirlwind in a very small package, and can really hold his own in our chaotic world. And I couldn't live without any of them.

4. My smaller clothes. It can seem like such a small thing at times to others, but to me, having to buy clothes because mine are too big is awesome! I have been big since junior high, I have been ridiculed by unfeeling idiots, and I have been the friend who grits her teeth when her skinny friend complains that she doesn't fit her size 3's 2 months after giving birth to her 3rd child. But my smaller clothes are a huge achievment for me and is definetely a high point in my life right now, one that I know will only get better.

5. My weight loss blog. This has become one of my favorite things to do every day, read up on how Calista and Steph are doing. We are all so far away, but it feels so close. We have the same issues and are working toward the same goal. I love having the support of family and friends!

These are, by the way, in no specific order. And, being that I don't know who hasn't been tagged, decide to pass this along to anyone who hasn't been tagged yet, but would love to announce their 5 favorite things!

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